How to maintain the rotary drying machine?

November 26,2021
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Rotary drying machine is also called rice husk dryer, sawdust dryer, etc. It is often used in charcoal production lines to dry wood pellets. It helps us avoid problems caused by uncontrollable factors such as weather, region, and temperature. Today we take the rotary drying machine as an example and talk about the following issues.

Advantages of rotary drying machine

1. Stable operation

The operation of the rotary drying machine mainly relies on the main motor to drive the squeegee wheel. The scraper wheel then drives the drum to rotate. A geared motor can control the rotation speed of the roller to ensure the stable operation of the dryer.

2. Large output

Because the roller is a horizontal cylinder, if you want to expand the output, you can choose to increase the diameter and length of the roller.

3. Good drying effect

There are many lifting plates inside the drum. On the one hand, the material is moved forward. On the other hand, the material is fully contacted with the hot air flow and heated evenly. So its drying effect is very good.

If it is judged that the rotary dryer is malfunctioning?

Under normal circumstances, we judge whether the machine is malfunctioning, the easiest way is to listen to the sound. If the sound of the machine is dull and noisy, you should pay attention. Secondly, look at the drying effect of the finished product. If it is not completely dried, it also means that the dryer is malfunctioning.

Daily maintenance of rotary drying machine

1. Check whether the lubrication points of the rolling ring, the supporting roller, and the supporting roller bearing are sufficient.

2. Lubricating oil and grease should be used correctly. When using substitutes, it must meet the requirements of the specified oil quality. Only oil with a larger viscosity can be used instead of oil with a smaller viscosity.

3. Check whether there is cracking of the weld between the rolling ring and the backing plate and whether there is excessive wear between the rolling ring and the supporting wheel.

4. Regularly check the wear and tear of accessories. It can be repaired or replaced by factory professionals in time.

Because of its high-quality drying effect, simple operation skills, and other characteristics, it is very popular in the recycling industry. The most important thing is that it is not easy to break down and is easy to repair.