Shisha Charcoal Production Line

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Raw material Log, bamboo, rice husk, coconut shell, sawdust, etc
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Shisha charcoal production line is a charcoal briquette production system with a wide range of raw materials. For example, log charcoal, fruit charcoal, rice husk charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, bamboo charcoal, charcoal powder, etc. The production process of general shisha charcoal mainly includes carbonization, crushing, stirring, tableting, drying, and packaging. The finally obtained hookah charcoal product needs to have the characteristics of high hardness, low ash content, and long burning time. The hookah charcoal briquette production line is a promising business for many customers engaged in charcoal production. Therefore, it is a high rate of return project. Welcome to inquire, and we will give you a discount.

shisha charcoal production line for sale
shisha charcoal production line for sale

Raw materials for hookah charcoal production line

All kinds of charcoal can be used as raw materials for hookah charcoal. However, general customers choose the following raw materials to make high-quality hookah charcoal. For example, coconut shell charcoal, rice husk charcoal, palm shell charcoal, hard charcoal, fruit charcoal, bamboo charcoal, etc. This wood charcoal has the characteristics of high carbon content, good color, and few impurities. Therefore, shisha charcoal briquette made from them is also very popular in the market.


Shisha charcoal production line process

A complete production process of shisha charcoal production line has the following steps: carbonization→crushing→mixing→tableting→drying→packaging.

Generally, the production process of hookah charcoal involves a carbonization furnace, hammer mill, charcoal grinder mixer, hookah charcoal tablet machine, dryer, packaging machine, and other equipment.

A shisha charcoal production line is a series of machines and equipment that are used to manufacture shisha charcoal, also known as hookah charcoal or narghile charcoal. Shisha charcoal is a type of charcoal that is specifically designed for use in shisha pipes, which are water pipes used for smoking flavored tobacco. Here are the main parts of the shisha charcoal manufacturing line.

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Continuous carbonization furnace (carbonization)

It has a wide range of raw materials. It is usually a small, lightweight material. For example, sawdust, rice husk, wood chips, etc. Therefore, the wood pellets can be directly charred. Because hookah charcoal has high requirements for the fineness of raw materials. Therefore, we recommend that you use a Raymond mill. It can grind carbon powder to 80 mesh.

Hammer Mill

Hammer mill (crushing)

If your raw material is fruitwood, hardwood, etc., you need to use a vertical carbonization furnace for carbonization. Then use a charcoal crusher to crush the charcoal into 1mm fine charcoal powder.

charcoal powder mixer plant

Charcoal grinder mixer (mixing)

Its function is to fully mix the charcoal powder and the binder. The material can be discharged from the bottom, which is very convenient. You can also use it with a mixing tank to prepare the adhesive ratio in advance.

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Shisha charcoal tablet press (tableting)

We have three types of shisha charcoal tablet machines to choose from. They are mechanical hookah charcoal tablet press, hydraulic hookah charcoal tablet press, and stainless steel hookah charcoal tablet machine. You can select them according to your output size.

shaisha charcoal drying room

Drying room (drying)

The water content of the hookah charcoal just made is too high to meet the standard of use. Therefore, it is necessary to dry. Here is the drying room. It is simple and practical drying equipment. We also have mesh belt dryers to choose from.

Hookah briquette packaging machine

For round hookah charcoal, we recommend that you choose a pillow packaging machine. It includes a conveying area and a material handling area. If you have enough labor, you can also just choose the packaging machine. For packaging bags, we can provide design manufacturers for designing patterns, text, and other information. For square hookah charcoal, we recommend that you use a quantitative packaging machine.

Hookah charcoal project line hopper

The shisha charcoal production line is generally equipped with various functional hoppers, which are mainly used for storing materials.

Charcoal powder storage bin

It is generally placed in front of the charcoal powder mixer to store the prepared materials and play a role in buffering the production process.

Charcoal dust distributor

It is generally placed in front of the hookah charcoal press machine to store the processed charcoal powder. Moreover, it has a variety of specifications. So it can meet the working requirements of multiple hookah charcoal tablet presses.

Advantages of Shuliy shisha charcoal making machine

  • We are a manufacturer of shisha charcoal project lines with more than 10 years of experience.
  • We manufacture all kinds of professional hookah charcoal production equipment. Such as carbonization furnace, charcoal pulverizer, Raymond mill, hookah charcoal forming machine, etc.
  • We provide customers with different production solutions according to their specific raw material and output requirements.
  • Our factory can provide customers with original spare parts at any time.
  • We provide customers with free installation and commissioning services.

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How to choose shisha charcoal tablet equipment?

If your raw material is charcoal powder, you can directly choose a charcoal powder mixer to process the charcoal powder for hookah charcoal production.
If you are an experienced hookah charcoal manufacturer and need high volume, high-quality production, we recommend you choose a stainless steel hubbly charcoal machine or a rotary tablet press. Because the two shisha charcoal tablet presses use CNC technology. Therefore, they are two types of equipment that can realize highly automated production. Also, they are less prone to damage and easy to adjust.

How to make high quality shisha charcoal?

If you want to make high-quality shisha charcoal, you must first understand its characteristics of high-quality shisha charcoal. According to the investigation, the high-quality charcoal compacts in the eyes of Arabs have the following characteristics:

1. The hookah charcoal pieces are ignited within 1 minute.

2. A piece of hookah charcoal can be burned for at least 1 hour.

3. Burnt shisha charcoal is lumpy.

4. No smoke is produced during combustion.

5. No peculiar smell when burning.

In order to meet the above conditions, you must first choose good raw materials. For example, coconut shell charcoal. Secondly, the selection and ratio of adhesives in the production process are also very important. Finally, the higher the tonnage of the charcoal briquette machine, the better.

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