Charcoal Raymond Mill | Coal Powder Milling Machine

Model SL-RM3R1410
Length(mm) 3340
Width(mm) 3865
High(mm) 4500
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Charcoal Raymond mill is a heavy-duty mill with extremely strong crushing power. It can process all kinds of non-flammable and non-explosive raw materials with Mohs hardness of less than 7. Including ores, coal, charcoal, ceramics, etc. And it can adjust the grinding fineness according to the demand of raw materials. Its adjustment range is between 30-400 mesh. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of charcoal products, many charcoal manufacturers often use Raymond mills in charcoal production lines. If you also need grinding equipment, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with a cost-effective charcoal powder milling machine.

What is a Charcoal Raymond Mill?

Raymond mill is a new type of fully automatic milling equipment. It can not only grind the material but also separate the powder. That is, it can automatically separate and collect finished products. Therefore, the charcoal Raymond mill is highly automated crushing equipment.

charcoal Raymond mill plant
charcoal Raymond mill plant

Raw Material for Charcoal Milling Machine

Charcoal Raymond Mill is specialized grinding equipment. Therefore, it can crush various raw materials and has a wide range of applications. For example, coal, charcoal, activated carbon, limestone, calcite, granite, kaolin, and other raw materials. The humidity of these raw materials should be kept within 6%. If the moisture is too large, you need to use a tumble dryer to dry the raw materials first.

Structure of Charcoal Powder Milling Machine

The charcoal grinder machine is also called the Raymond grinder. Its structure mainly includes frame, grinding roller, grinding disc, cover, blower, analyzer, shovel, cyclone separator, pipeline, motor, and other parts.


Raymond mill blade is one of the common accessories in Raymond mill, and it is also one of the important accessories in milling work.

Grinding Roller

It is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance, and magnetic properties. It is mainly used in the field of powder processing where products need to be iron-removed.

Analyzer Disc

The blades of the Raymond mill analyzer are located on the blisk of the analyzer. The inclined blade structure of the Raymond mill analyzer solves the problem that the airflow between the blades of the coal Raymond mill analyzer is very strong, and it is easy to take away some coarse-diameter materials. , the problem of low classification efficiency.

Generally, the supporting equipment of the charcoal Raymond machine includes hammer milling, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, and so on. This equipment can be combined into a fully automatic grinding production line. If you put a wheel mill and a shisha charcoal tablet machine behind the carbon powder mill, it becomes a shisha charcoal production line.

How Does the Coal Grinder Work?

  • The raw materials that need to be crushed enter the charcoal Raymond mill machine through the feed port.
  • The material is crushed under the friction and rolling of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. During this period, the blade under the grinding roller will continuously feed material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring.
  • The powder moves upward under the action of the fan. The qualified powder passes through the analyzer and the cyclone separator to collect it. On the contrary, unqualified materials are materials that cannot be reached in detail. It will fall down and continue to be ground. Because the wind is cyclic. Therefore, the wind returns to the fan again after passing through the dust removal system.
charcoal powder mill
charcoal powder mill

Charcoal Raymond Mill Parameters


Coal Grinder Manufacturer

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