Wood Pallet Block Production Line

Brand Shuliy
Raw material Sawdust, shavings, waste wood, waste bamboo, waste wood pallets
Warranty One year
Note Custom service available
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Wood pallet block production line is a series of machines and equipment that are used to produce wooden pallet blocks on a large scale. The production line typically includes a wood crusher, a dryer, a mixer, and a wood block making machine. Wood pallet block making machine is one of the key pieces of equipment of the wooden pallet block production line. The raw material of its production line is mainly waste wood. In fact, an entire production line is highly automated. Therefore, its entire operation requires only 4-5 family members. It can be seen that the pallet block production line is a profitable project. If you are interested in this project, please contact us.

wood pallet block production line
wood pallet block production line

Raw materials for sawdust block manufacturing line

Wooden pallet blocks are mainly made of sawdust, shavings, waste wood, waste bamboo, waste wood pallets, and other materials as raw materials. Therefore, the wood pallet blocks production line has the characteristics of low investment. Only the viscosity between the raw material molecules is stronger. Sawdust blocks can play a good load-bearing role. Therefore, the raw materials need to be mixed with glue in a certain proportion.

Structure of wood pallet block production line

The wood pallet block production line consists of a wood crusher, sawdust dryer, glue mixer, wood block making machine, and automatic cutting machine. (For reference only, the specific structure needs to be determined according to the raw materials). Below I will introduce these devices one by one.

Wood crusher

If the customer’s raw material is block wood, you need to use a wood pulverizer or wood shaving machine to pulverize the raw material to 6-8mm. Because this size of wood particles is easy to shape. Or directly use sawdust or shavings that meet the size of raw materials.

Sawdust dryer

The humidity of sawdust or wood shavings should be kept below 12%. Therefore, if the moisture content of the raw material is higher than 12%, the customer needs to use the sawdust dryer to dry the raw material. (The number of dryers is determined according to the humidity of the raw materials, and can be appropriately increased)

Glue mixer

Put the raw materials into the glue mixing machine and continuously stir with a certain proportion of glue through the equipment. After 15-20 minutes, the mixing is completed and the material is discharged from the bottom of the glue mixer.

Wood block making machine

The processed raw materials are hot-pressed by a woodblock machine to form wooden pallet blocks. Generally, a production line is equipped with four heat presses. Therefore, customers can choose multiple wood block making machines in the production line.

Types of compressed block cutting machine

wooden pallet blocks for single-blade saw
This type of saw is generally placed at the discharge port of the shaving block machine. And it also has manual and automatic. Its main function is to cut the extruded sawdust blocks into uniform lengths for sale or stacking. Moreover, our factory can equip customers with various sawdust block cutting machines.

wood pallet blocks for automatic multi-blade saw

Wood pallet block cutter (multi-blade model), can be used for cutting particle pallet blocks, solid wood, multi-layer wood, plywood. The machine has the advantages of less dust, stable operation, high efficiency, and simple operation. Therefore, it is indispensable processing equipment for the wooden pallet block production line.

Wood pallet block production line for sale

Shuliy Machinery provides customers with wood pallet block production line solutions. Also, I am a factory-direct device. Therefore, we provide a lifetime spare parts service. In addition to the production of wood block machines, we also produce various wood processing equipment. In short, please rest assured that our staff will take care of shipping and installation services. Welcome to contact us for details.

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The wood pallet block production line is automated to ensure a consistent and efficient production process. The end product of the wood block making line is wooden pallet blocks that are ready for use in various industries. We provide excellent wood block machines and guidance to meet your requirements. Welcome to contact us for the best price.