Log Chipper | Wood Chips Cutting Machine

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Log chipper is an important machine in the wood production line and wood reprocessing process. Its function is to cut the wood, branch, and bamboo into pieces of the same thickness and size with the rotary knife and the fixed knife. These wood chips are used in papermaking, fuel combustion, etc., and are in great demand. We provide customers with high-quality, energy-saving, and easy-to-use wood chippers making machines. Welcome to consult us, we will provide you with affordable prices.

Working principle of log chipper

Wood slicing is an important step in wood reprocessing or crushing. Raw materials such as logs, bamboo, and wooden boards are put into the feeding port. Then the motor drives the belt to rotate the cutter head for chipping. Feed and discharge are almost synchronous. Finally, wood chips with uniform thickness and regular shape can be obtained.

Raw material of wood chipper machine

Commercial wood chipper can process, pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, raw bamboo, ppr pipe, etc. The selected raw materials should be as regular as possible, and the effect of making wood chips will be better.

Structure of the log chipper

Wood chipper is mainly composed of a cutter head, a pulley, a spindle frame, a feed port, a cover, and an electric control system. Its overall structure is compact and space-saving. But this does not affect its characteristics such as greater output, energy-saving, safe and convenient operation.

Adjustable blades

The thickness change of wood chips can be realized by adjusting the blade angle. Moreover, each blade has at least three screws to fix it and it is not easy to loosen. If the blade is worn it can be easily fixed with a knife sharpener.

Cutter disc

The wood chipper blade disc can hold multiple blades. Also, different models of log chippers have different diameters of cutter heads. The number of blades also varies.

Best commercial wood chipper machine for sale

We sell electric wood chippers and diesel wood chippers. Due to the diverse working environment of customers, production requirements are different. That’s why we’ve improved a number of specialty wood chippers. Such as the one with wheels, the lower outlet and the upper outlet, the inclined inlet, and so on.

Electric wood chipper parameters

The 420 and 600 are the two most popular wood chipper models. They are named according to the diameter of the cutter head. 800 and larger devices are a different standard. We equip large equipment with distribution cabinets and conveyor belts.

Diesel wood chipper parameters

Diesel wheeled wood chippers aren’t just for indoor use. It is more suitable for outdoor work.

How to efficiently produce wood chips?

How to choose a machine to produce a large number of wood chips? First, you can choose SL-800 and larger wood chip making machines. On the one hand, the large-scale equipment has a large output, and on the other hand, it can be connected to the conveyor belt to save time and labor. Second, you can choose multiple SL-600 disc wood chippers to achieve the same effect. Third, you can choose a drum wood chipper. It is industrial wood chipping equipment, so the output is very large.

Video of large log chipper

Application of branch chips

  1. Wood chips can be sold directly or sent to a paper mill for reprocessing. To improve the quality of the wood chips, you need to choose regular wood or debarked wood to reduce the appearance of impurities.
  2. You can use the cut branch chips for bio-energy fuel. There is no requirement for wood or trees, as long as they can be burned, they can be sent to the bio-energy plant.
  3. Wood chips can also be carbonized into charcoal in a continuous carbonization furnace.

Shuliy wood chipper machine advantages

We have been engaged in the manufacture of wood recycling equipment for many years and have rich experience. As your strong supplier, our diesel branch chipper has the following advantages:

  1. Compact structure, exquisite appearance, sophisticated and durable accessories.
  2. Provide solutions and customized services.
  3. Safe and convenient operation.
  4. Wide application range and competitive price.
  5. Low consumption, high output.


Wood chippers are an effective way to dispose of tree branches, limbs, and other wood debris. They can also be used to process wood waste from sawmills and other woodworking operations. Wood chippers are generally safe to use, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take proper safety precautions, such as wearing ear and eye protection. Shuliy Machinery is a comprehensive wood recycling machine factory, if you are interested in a wood chipper machine, contact our expert to start your project as soon as possible.