Garden Wood Chipper Shredder | Mobile Branch Crusher

Model SL-160
Broken branch diameter 1-6cm
Outer speed 2800rpm
Output power 7.5HP/3600rpm
Tank capacity 3.6L
Engine oil system capacity 1.1L
Fuel type 92#
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Garden wood chipper shredder is a kind of wood shredding equipment suitable for processing small wood. Therefore, its raw materials are generally small branches, bushes, tea trees, straws, and so on. Moreover, the garden wood shredder is easy to use. Because it uses movable devices and different power modes. Thus, it is not restricted by region and energy.

In short, it is a good green maintenance expert. If you are interested, you can contact us now. we will provide you with more competitive prices.

Raw materials for garden wood chipper shredder

The raw materials of garden wood shredders are very wide. Such as fresh branches, bushes, bamboo, straw, vines, tea trees, pine branches, flower stems, corn cobs, etc. What’s more, it can directly handle an entire pruned branch. So, these materials do not require additional processing.

Working principle of garden wood chipper shredder

The working principle of the garden wood crusher machine is very simple. Firstly, the trees are automatically fed under the force of the pressing roller. And this step adopts hydraulic lifting device to prevent material jam. Then, the branches are crushed by the cutter. Finally, the wood chips are discharged from the discharge port after passing through the screen. The messy piles of branches turned into neat fragments. The whole process will be very decompressed.

Video of garden branch shredder

The branch crusher is flexibly used in gardens, streets, communities, and other places. Moreover, it can directly devour fresh branches, which is convenient and quick to use. The video below contains several models of tree shredders. Welcome to watch and subscribe.

Structural features of tree shredders


The neat serrations on the pressure rollers provide a strong grip. Moreover, the metal conveying device can meet the conveying and feeding of messy raw materials.


It is made of high-quality forged steel material, which is strong and durable. And there are many specifications of the blade.

Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are more efficient. So it makes it easier to shred garden and agricultural and forestry wastes.

Blade maintenance of mobile branch crusher

How to get regular care for the blades of wood crushing equipment? Generally, we recommend that customers use a knife sharpener to sharpen the blade regularly to make the knife sharper. The working principle of the Shuliy sharpener is that the sharpening wheel rotates at a high speed under the drive of the motor and moves back and forth along the track. After repeated polishing, the knives become bright and sharp.

Parameters of wood chipper shredder

Diesel leaf crushers are convenient for mobile operations. In order to meet customer needs, we also produce diesel power generation branch crushers. Therefore, please contact us about which style you want, and we will recommend it to you in time.

Roller wheel diameter300mm500mm
Power allocation32HP diesel engineR4105ZP diesel
Host speed2200r/min1800r/min
Blade count4 pieces7 pieces
Blade length300mm230mm
Feeding roller diameter280mm600mm
Generator power600w600w

Parameters of small gasoline branch chipper

Broken branch diameter1-6cm1-10cm
Outer speed2800rpm2800rpm
Output power7.5HP/3600rpm13HP /3600rpm
Tank capacity3.6L6.5L
Engine oil system capacity1.1L1.1L
Fuel type92#92#

Because of the wide range of greening in various countries now. In addition to the existing agriculture, forestry, and gardens, the government is also planning the construction of many new parks. But if the greening is done, greening management is also a very laborious task. In the past, garden caregivers could only use all kinds of heavy tools to trim trees. These waste materials need to be processed later. The garden waste wood chipper can realize automatic shredding and collect waste materials. This greatly reduces the energy consumed by workers in caring for the trees. The work concept of scientific management is truly realized.

Applications of garden wood chipper shredder

Diesel garden wood cutting machines are most suitable for places with large green coverage. For example, courtyards, orchards, forest farms, tea factories, nurseries, gardens, residential quarters, schools, hospitals, stadiums, streets, etc. Commercial wood shredders are often used in places with heavy workloads. Such as forests, large farms, tea gardens. Family wood shredder is used in places where the workforce is small. Such as a backyard, small farm, small garden.

Applications of wood chips

The processed wood chips can be used as natural garden compost. So, It is decomposed by microorganisms in the soil to increase the nutrient content of the soil. After drying, it can also be used for papermaking, fuel, biomass pellets, plant culture medium fillers, etc.


Q: What are the types of Shuliy garden wood chipper shredders?

A: Electric wood grinder, gasoline wood grinder, and diesel wood grinder.

Q: What are the advantages of Shuliy mobile garden wood shredder?

A: Movable, energy-saving, safe, stable operation, and good quality.

Q: What other related equipment does Shuliy produce?

A: Wood chips dryer, log debarker, hammer mill, etc.