Waste Wooden Pallet Grinder | Industrial Wood Shredder

Model SL-C1300
Feeding inlet size 1300*500mm
Feeding maximum diameter 400mm
Output size less than 100mm
Input conveyor 6m
Output conveyor 8m
Blades 20 pcs
Capacity 8-10 t/h
Total power 156.5kw
Overall size 8600*2000*2300mm
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Waste wooden pallet grinder is suitable for the crushing of special-shaped materials and can directly cut longer materials. It can crush irregular logs, bamboo, branches, wooden pallets, and light metals. Shuliy industrial wood shredder is widely used, with high output, strong and durable, and low noise. In short, it is very suitable for continuous batch wood processing. It is a profitable device. Moreover, we believe that we will cooperate with you happily.

Raw materials of industrial wood shredder

Industrial wood crusher is also called a comprehensive crusher. Because it can handle a wide variety of wood materials. In a brief summary, the raw materials of the waste wood pallet shredder are divided into two categories: ordinary raw materials and raw materials with metal.

  • Common raw materials: logs, branches, wooden boards, bamboo, woodworking leftovers, corn cob, coconut shells, tobacco, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.
  • Raw materials with metal: waste wooden pallets, waste furniture, doors and windows with nails and wooden boxes, etc.

Structure of waste wooden pallet grinder

The comprehensive crusher can process ordinary wood and hard materials with metal. Its structure is complex, and its operational safety and material handling capabilities are very high. It mainly includes press rollers, conveyor belts, tiger claw saws, blade saws, hydraulic pumps, magnetic rollers, screens, and other accessories.

Working principle of industrial wood crusher

First, the wooden pallets are conveyed to the pressing rollers by the chain conveyor belt. The pressure roller is used for forced feeding. Then, the wooden pallet arrives at the tiger claw saw (knife saw for ordinary wood) and is cut and smashed by the rotary cutter. Finally, when the material specification meets the aperture of the screen, the wood pellets are discharged from the discharge port. If there are nails in the sawdust, the magnetic rollers at the outlet can separate the metal.

Video of waste wooden pallet grinder

Wood pallet crusher is a large-scale comprehensive crushing equipment. Moreover, it is very simple to operate. Let’s take a look at its amazing crushing ability.

Parameters of waste wooden pallet grinder

The feed conveyance of the industrial wood pulverizer is generally 6m, and the discharge conveyance is generally 8m. Also, we have power distribution cabinets for wood shredders. Therefore, the entire operation process will not only be simple but also safe.

Feeding inlet size1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*800mm
Feeding maximum diameter400mm500mm600mm
Output sizeless than 100mmless than 100mmless than 100mm
Input conveyor6m6m6m
Output conveyor8m10m10m
Blades20 pcs32 pcs66 pcs
Capacity8-10 t/h10-15t/h20-30t/h
Total power156.5kw213.5kw233.5kw
Overall size8600*2000*2300mm9600*2400*3300mm12500*2800*3200mm

Advantages of Shuliy wood pallet crusher

  1. Its raw materials not only include the raw materials of other wood processing equipment (such as sawdust making machines, and wood chippers). Also, it can handle wood with metal.
  2. On the one hand, the use of the power distribution cabinet makes the operation safer and more convenient. On the other hand, the comprehensive crusher is easy to maintain and clear.
  3. Because of its high feeding port, it can be used for remote control feeding (saving labor).

Industrial wood shredder price

Shuliy Machinery provides various accessories for wood pallet crushers. What’s more, the prices of accessories with different materials and specifications are also different. We not only can provide integrated diesel engine wood pallet crushers with wheels but also can modify the machine structure for customers’ specific requirements. There are many factors affecting the price. If you are optimistic about our equipment, please contact us and let us know. We provide you with the right plan and give you an affordable price.

How to make money with a comprehensive wood crusher?

The wood pallet crushing machine can crush wood at different degrees. Additionally, these wood sawdust or wood chips can be used to make paper in paper mills, carbon rods made in coal plants, fertilizers made in fertilizer plants, etc. Factories can also use them for fuel heating. Therefore, you can invest in a comprehensive crusher machine specifically to provide wood pellets or place them in the production line for direct feeding.