Log Saw Mill Machine| Automatic Wood Band Saw

Model SL-3000
Saw wheel diameter 1600mm
Max sawing wood diameter 800mm
Motor power 30KW
Sawing thickness setting CNC
Wood clamping model Electric
Max sawing wood length 4000mm
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Log saw mill machine is a new type of wood cutting tool that integrates saw blades, measuring rulers, and track. And, the new saw incorporates a design philosophy that eliminates polishing and reduces wood loss. There are three types of woodworking saws produced in our factory: log sliding table saw, vertical band saw and fully automatic horizontal band saw.

The following is a brief introduction to the three types of sawmills in our factory. Welcome to consult us about machine prices, accessories, etc. And we look forward to furthering our communication with you.

Raw materials of log saw mill machine

The raw materials of the wood sawmill are various logs (mahogany, birch, oak, pine, etc.) square wood, planks, peeled wood. Its raw material can also be synthetic board such as particleboard, solid wood sandwich board, or PVC board. Besides, it can cut aluminum alloy, plexiglass, rubber, etc.

Type 1: Log sawmill machine for sale

Shuliy push table saw body is welded with steel plates with a thickness of 5-6mm. Not only the structure is stable but also the appearance is beautiful. It is an all-in-one sawing machine. In other words, it can be used directly without installation. In addition, it is compact and has a small footprint.

Structural features of double blades log sawmill

  • The blades made of alloy material are more durable, and the sawtooth arc is smooth and has high-quality cutting.
  • The two saw blades are driven by two motors and run smoothly.
  • The adjustment wheel can adjust the distance between the wood and the baffle. Therefore, the thickness of the board can be flexibly controlled.
  • The track length of the log saw can be customized according to customer needs.

Log sawmill machine working video

Log cutting machine parameters

Feed length0-100cm0-150cm0-200cm0-250cm0-300cm0-400cm
Feeding diameter0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm
Motor Power11Kw*211Kw*211Kw*211Kw*211Kw*211Kw*2
Total Weight500550600650700750

Type 2: Vertical band saw for sale

Vertical bandsaws also use rails to move the fixed wood forward. The wood is then cut into smooth planks. Its saw blade is banded. Moreover, the saw blade is coiled on the moving wheel. Therefore, the saw blade works with the rotation of the wheel. But vertical bandsaws cut faster, produce more, and are more cost-effective.

Structural features of vertical band sawmill

  • The track slides automatically. And the speed can be adjusted by electric or numerical control operation.
  • The band saw can handle large diameter wood with high throughput.
  • The saw blade is placed on the upper and lower saw wheels, and the thickness of the saw blade is adjustable.
  • There are 3 methods for securing logs with hooks: manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic.
  • Easy installation, labor saving, energy saving, continuous unloading.

Log band sawmill machine working video

Vertical wood saw mill parameters

Saw wheel diameter1600mm1250mm
Max sawing wood diameter800mm1000mm
Motor power30KW45KW
Sawing thickness settingCNCCNC
Wood clamping modelElectricHydraulic
Max sawing wood length4000mm6000mm

Type 3: Automatic wood band saw for sale

Horizontal band saws can handle larger diameter wood. Moreover, the difference between the CNC horizontal gantry saw and the previous two saws is the movement of the saw blade and wood. The saw blade of a large wood saw moves back and forth, but the wood does not move. Shuliy Machinery sells gasoline fully automatic horizontal band saw and diesel fully automatic horizontal band saw. Our factory also produces tools for repairing saw blades, so as to avoid the increased investment of saw blade replacement due to saw blade wear.

Structural features of automatic log sawmill

  • It reduces the errors caused by the movement of round and square logs.
  • The cut wood board is retracted by the hook, and manual extraction is not required.
  • This process is completely mechanically operated to realize the desire for automatic and continuous discharging.

Automatic wood bandsaw working video

Parameters of mobile log saw

Saw wheel diameter1000mm1070mm
Max sawing wood diameter1500mm2500mm
Motor power37KW55KW
Sawing thickness setting350mm450mm
Max sawing wood length6000mm6000mm