SL-500 Log sliding table saw sent to Singapore

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The Shuliy factory sells a variety of log processing equipment. For example, log shredders, wood shaving machines, sawdust briquette machines, log cutting saws, etc. Recently, a log sliding table saw ordered by a Singaporean customer at our factory has been stocked. And we will take photos and videos of the machine packed in wooden boxes for customers. Hope that the customer’s furniture factory will be better and better.

movable log sawmill plant
movable log sawmill plant

What are the advantages of a log sliding table sawmill?

  1. Free installation.
    Because the log push table saw is an all-in-one machine. So its track and saw are one piece. In this way, customers can use it without installation after purchase.
  2. Small footprint.
    This log cutter can be folded for storage or transport. Therefore, it is also convenient to move.
  3. Good cutting effect.
    Due to the unique design and ultra-fast operating speed of the saw blade, it can cut wood with a smooth and flat surface.
  4. Suitable for small and medium wood processing.
    Its saw blade distance is adjustable. Moreover, its track length can be extended to meet customer needs.
  5. Simple operation.
    The power distribution cabinet can be started with one key, and the cutting can be started at any time.

Working video of log sliding saw

Purchase details of log saw for Singapore customers

The client has a small furniture factory. He wants to cut wood with a diameter of about 50cm and a length of 180cm. So what we recommend for him is the SL-500 lumber saw. Also, it comes with two saw blades. The following is the customer’s cargo list:

1Log sliding table saw Model: SL-500
Power: 11kw*2
Dimension: 4*1.6*1.6 mm
Feeding diameter: 0-50 cm
Feeding wood length: 0-200 cm
Feeding: manual feeding
Weight: 600 kg
Package size: 2.1*1.7*1.9 m
1 set
2SawTwo-piece1 set
3Warranty12 months