Peanut shell charcoal machine installed in the UK

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Generally, biomass is rich in lignin. For example, branches, rice husks, straws, peanut husks, corn cob, olive husks, sawdust, coconut shells, etc. Moreover, these are also good materials for making biochar. Therefore, many charcoal factories use biomass carbonization furnaces to produce bio-coal. The peanut shell charcoal machine purchased by British customers in our factory has been safely delivered to the destination. Also, the technician is already installing the equipment.

peanut shell charcoal machine for sale
peanut shell charcoal machine for sale

With the continuous development of industrial technology, our natural resources are dwindling, especially coal. Therefore, regenerated carbon that can replace coal combustion is very important. Take the peanut shell charcoal machine as an example. The raw material required by customers is waste biomass pellets. Therefore, the production cost of peanut shells charcoal is very low. Furthermore, the charcoal can be reprocessed into charcoal briquette in addition to being sold directly. All in all, it’s a good business.

coconut charcoal production line
coconut charcoal production line

What other charcoal equipment is there in Shuliy?

If you have a lot of raw wood, bamboo, and other raw materials around you. We recommend you use the wood charcoal furnace and bamboo charcoal machine (please click for details). The carbonization effect of both of them is very good. Moreover, compared to peanut shell carbonization furnaces, they are smaller and easier to transport.

Purchase details of peanut shell coal machine for UK customers

1Continuous carbonization furnace       Model: SL-1200
Diameter: 11.5*2*1.9m
Weight: 13t
Capacity: 1000kg per hour
Power: 25kwTemperature:600-800°
The machine contains 6 motors, 2 feedings, 1discharging, the main motor, and a fan. 
2 Space: Length: 22 meters; 
Width: less than 10meters; 
Hight: more than 5 meters.
Worker: two workers, One is responsible for feeding, the other is responsible for discharging.
3Shipping time45-55 days
4Warranty12 months