Vertical Carbonization Furnace | Small Charcoal Making Machine

Model SL-C1500
Output Capacity 2500-3000kg/24 hours(Depends on your raw materials)
Loading Capacity 2600-3000kg/per 8 hours
Carbonization time once 8 hours
Dimension 1940*1900*1900mm
Steel thickness 6mm (Customizable)
Inner stove size 1.5*1.5m
Weight 2.8t
Including parts One machine include 3 stoves
Electricity Power No need additional power
Biomass cost for heating per 8 hours 50-80kg waste biomass per 8 hours
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Vertical carbonization furnace is a small charcoal making machine. It is also called hoisting carbonization furnace. It is a newly developed energy-saving airflow carbonization furnace. Not only that, but it also uses a remote-controlled lift crane device. Therefore, the operator can easily complete the task of loading and unloading. This log carbonization furnace occupies a small area. It is suitable for the mass production of charcoal in a charcoal production line. So it is ideal equipment for charcoal manufacturers to produce charcoal. Call us now for the best price information.

Raw Materials of Vertical Carbonization Furnace

Sawdust briquetting furnaces can carbonize logs, sawdust briquette, twigs, hardwoods, coconut shells, nutshells, palm shells, bamboo, and other materials. These carbonized charcoal are modern new non-toxic and harmless combustion and heating materials.

Compared with ordinary native charcoal, machine-made charcoal has the advantages of long burning time, high carbon content, large calorific value, small ash content, and tasteless.

Structure of Vertical Carbonization Furnace

This small charcoal making machine mainly includes a furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber, exhaust pipe, inner tank, outer tank, and other structures.

Because of the inner tank, there is a ring frame on the upper edge of the liner. The diameter of the inner tank plus the width of the frame is larger than the diameter of the outer tank. Thus, the inner tank can stand in mid-air.


The inner stove and the furnace cover are equipped with hanging ears that can be hooked. Therefore, it is convenient to upgrade related accessories during operation.

Combustion furnace

The preheating of the log carbonization furnace requires burning biomass fuel for heating. The carbonization furnace that fills the gap between refractory bricks with high-temperature glue is more solid and stable. In addition, the sealing performance inside the furnace and the thermal insulation effect outside the furnace are also significantly improved.


The iron frame can hold logs and put them into the inner tank of the charcoal stove. After the carbonization is completed, it is easy to take out for loading and unloading.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Operation Process

  • Open the furnace cover.
  • Lift out the inner tank, fill it with raw materials, and put it back into the inner tank again.
  • Preheating (40min-1h). Open the valve for carbonization (6-8h).
  • Complete the carbonization, take out the inner tank, and cool down (6-8h).

Video of Sawdust Charcoal Carbonisation Furnace

Shuliy Machinery is an excellent charcoal machine production line manufacturer in China. We have the professional ability to provide solutions for customers. Welcome to watch our videos. And if you are interested in purchasing a vertical bamboo charcoal furnace, please contact us.

Vertical Type Carbonization Furnace Parameters

The inner diameter of the hoisting carbonization furnace is different. Therefore, we can customize different types of log charcoal ovens. In addition, we provide customers with a lift crane with a load capacity of 3t. The following are the parameters of the SL-C1500 hoisting log carbonization furnace.

Output Capacity2500-3000kg/24 hours(Depends on your raw materials)
Loading Capacity2600-3000kg/per 8 hours
Carbonization time once8 hours
Steel thickness6mm (Customizable)
Inner stove size1.5*1.5m
Including partsOne machine includes 3 stoves
Electricity PowerNo need additional power
Biomass cost for heating per 8 hours50-80kg waste biomass per 8 hours

Working Features of Sawdust Charcoal Factory

Firstly, when the vertical carbonization furnace is in the process of carbonization, the time for each tank of carbonized raw charcoal and machine-made charcoal is 6-8 hours; the cooling time is also 6-8 hours.

Secondly, the steps of the operation process are simple.

Thirdly, the overall safety performance of the equipment is high, and the production efficiency is high.

Fourthly, energy-saving and no power consumption.

The main consumption of the vertical charcoal oven is fuel, but there is no need to add fuel after preheating. The subsequent heat source comes from the combustion of the combustible gas produced by the raw material.

Fifthly, good airtightness enables the airflow to fully play its role.

Vertical Hoisting Carbonization Furnace for Sale

We sell different types of sawdust charcoal carbonization furnaces. In addition to the smoke removal tank of the machine itself, we also have a flue gas purification device with high-voltage static electricity. We also provide customers with burners. Our factory also sells continuous carbonization furnace and horizontal carbonization furnace. If necessary, welcome to consult.