How does the sawdust briquetting carbonizer work?

April 07,2022
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Biomass briquette carbonization furnace is efficient equipment for producing charcoal products. In fact, the customer understands the production principle of the machine, which helps the customer to produce materials. Let’s take a look at the specific operation method.

Why is the sawdust briquetting carbonizer machine efficient?

The structure of sawdust briquette carbonization machine equipment includes furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber, exhaust pipe, hanging ears, carbonization inner tank, frame, smoke outlet, induced draft fan, flue gas evolution pipe, etc. Its high efficiency is embodied in the fact that a hoisting carbonization furnace can be equipped with more carbonization inner tanks. This way the customer can recycle the charcoal production and save time.

The carbonized inner liner can be equipped with a crane for entering and exiting the furnace, carbonizing in the furnace, and cooling outside the furnace. Generally speaking, the volume of each tank is 2.6 cubic meters, of course, if you need a large output, you can customize it. Generally, a stove of charcoal can be produced in about 8 hours.

How many steps are there in the operation of the biomass briquette carbonizer machine?

  • First, after the charcoal is made, the inner basket of the carbonization furnace needs to be removed, and the charcoal is placed in the inner basket in an orderly manner. However, it should be noted that the sawdust briquette should be inserted into the iron frame one by one.
  • Second, then open the top cover, put the iron frame with the sawdust briquetting into the stove, and then cover the stove lid, which needs to be sealed around the stove lid.
  • Third, start the ignition at this time, starting from the ignition port under the stove, which can be ignited with wood or gas.
  • Fourth, when gas is generated inside the furnace, open the valve of the storage tank and then ignite it. When the temperature rises to about 250-350 degrees, the combustible gas will be produced through the gasifier system. Then, the induced draft fan can be turned on to smoke through the fire port at the bottom of the carbonization furnace.
  • Fifth, this time takes about 3-4 hours. If there is no smoke coming out, you can turn off the induced draft fan and enter the slow-burning state. The carbonization process is over until the combustible gas burns out.
  • Sixth, you can take the charcoal by yourself when the furnace temperature drops to less than 50 degrees.

The carbonization time of the hoisting carbonization furnace is short, the yield of carbon is high, smokeless and environmentally friendly, and the output is high. It is a device with a high matching rate in the mechanism charcoal production line.