Can these briquetting machines make alfalfa molar sticks?

April 08,2022
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Today, I will introduce to you several practical briquetting machines. Because they can make high hardness charcoal briquettes, and coal briquettes, they can also be used as pet molar sticks. Pet owners know that some animals require daily teeth grinding. For example, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, etc. In fact, the use of molar sticks is also very important for the growth of pets.

Why do animals grind their teeth?

Take a rabbit as an example today to talk about the reason why it grinds its teeth. Rabbits have more teeth than dogs, cats, and people. And the rabbit teeth are too long and will not only bite themselves but also cause many diseases. Rabbits, on the other hand, will refuse to eat and have mouth inflammation and other injuries. In severe cases, it can cause eye diseases, rhinitis, and ear infections. So it is very important for rabbits to grind their teeth.

Several types of alfalfa molar sticks

Molar stick

It is made using our briquetting molding machine. The alfalfa grass molar stick is produced by high pressure with alfalfa grass powder as raw material.

Features of rod-shaped briquette block: high hardness, easy to carry.

Honeycomb briquette

The honeycomb briquette machine is used in this shape.

Features of Honeycomb molar: compact durable, beautiful appearance.

Grass brick

This type is pressed by the familiar cube briquettes forming machine.

Features of grass brick briquette: beautiful, compact, and not wasteful.