Rotary Hookah Tablet Press | Shisha Charcoal Making Machine

Model SL-RS21
Punch quantity (sets) 21
Max.tablet pressure(kn) 120
Max.filling depth(mm) 16-28
Max.tablet thickness(mm) 8-15
Turret rotation speed (r/min) 30
Max.output(pcs/h) 30000-40000
Motor power(kw) 7.5
Overall size(mm) 800*900*1650
Machine weight(kg) 1500
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Rotary hookah coal tablet press is a high-efficiency shisha charcoal-making machine. Compared with the ordinary shisha charcoal briquette machine, the output of the rotary tablet press is 3 times that of the ordinary type. That is to say, it is equivalent to 2-3 normal-type charcoal powder tablet presses. Therefore, the rotary hookah charcoal tableting machine has high economic value. Shuliy Machinery can not only make the right production plan for you. Moreover, we provide a machine customization service. If you want to get the product price, please leave us a message. And we will reply as soon as possible.


Raw materials of rotary hookah charcoal tablet machine

The raw materials of the hookah charcoal production line are various carbon powders. For example, coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, charcoal powder, etc. The rotary hookah charcoal machine is to press these carbon powders into hookah charcoal sheets of various shapes. In addition to pressing round tablets, it can also press special-shaped tablets, special tablets, square tablets, ring tablets, etc. Hookah charcoal production is not only adjustable in diameter. And the size, strength, and hardness of the carbon sheets are produced according to the customer’s requirements.


Core principle of shisha charcoal making machine

The reason why the rotary hookah charcoal press machine is efficient and high-quality. Because of its unique hookah charcoal forming system. It boldly abandons the traditional way of punching up and down. It cleverly uses upper and lower punches along the curved track to squeeze naturally at the high and low points. The advantage of this design is that each piece of shisha charcoal can withstand the same amount of pressure. This is also the most valuable part of the reform of the hookah charcoal making machine.

Structure of rotary hookah tablet press

Its structure includes a feed port, a discharge port, a mold (upper, middle, and lower), a motor, a deceleration motor, a pressure roller, and a receiving tray. Its power plant is enclosed under the body. The test machine and daily maintenance need to check the motor and it can be checked with the key. The structure design of the whole rotary tablet press machine is very compact and space-saving.


Its mold diameter, pattern, and text can all be customized. Therefore, the shisha charcoal produced is more distinctive and has a wider audience at the same time. The machine body and mold material are durable stainless steel. So, it has almost no wearing parts and has a service life of 8-10 years.


The picture on the right shows the feed inlet and the brewing button of the hully coal forming machine. The position of the feed port of the hookah charcoal machine is highly suitable. Therefore, it is very convenient for operators to use and detect. And the buttons on the side of the machine can adjust the pressure and the number of fillings.


There is a baffle plate at the outlet. so that the hookah charcoal is collected in an orderly manner. Furthermore, we equip our customers with a catch tray. It facilitates the operation of the drying part of the hookah and the operation of the ring-shaped hookah charcoal sorting machine.

Parameters of rotary hookah tablet press

We manufacture various models of shisha charcoal tablet presses. The 21 punch is one of our most sold. Below are the machine parameters for 21 punch 30mm diameter tablets.

Punch quantity (sets)21
Max.tablet pressure(kn)120
Max.filling depth(mm)16-28
Max.tablet thickness(mm)8-15
Turret rotation speed (r/min)30
Motor power(kw)7.5
Overall size(mm)800*900*1650
Machine weight(kg)1500

Video of best coconut charcoal shisha tablet

Through the video below, you can clearly understand the production and packaging process of shisha charcoal.

What are the benefits of a shisha charcoal tablet press?

  • Adopt PLC intelligent control panel. The thickness of the hookah coal tablet can be easily adjusted by adjusting the speed.
  • The automatic filling device of the hookah charcoal making machine can easily control the speed.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and has a long service life.
  • The slope of the discharge port is designed reasonably so that the shisha coal slides down naturally without damaging the hookah charcoal sheet.
  • The shisha charcoal is laid flat on the stainless steel feeder. Not only convenient for drying but also convenient for shisha charcoal wrapping machine packaging.
  • When running, the noise is small, the pressure is large, and the overpressure stops to avoid damage to the machine.

Hookah charcoal line display