Honeycomb Coal Press Machine | Coal Briquette Machine

Model SL-HC120
Power 5.5kw
Maximum diameter of charcoal 120mm
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Honeycomb coal press machine is the special equipment for producing high-density, porous, cylindrical briquettes. This honeycomb briquette machine can also produce hollow coal rods and charcoal rods. The raw materials it uses are mainly pulverized coal and carbon powder. Other materials such as alfalfa grass and timothy grass. In addition, the coal briquette machine is simple to operate, high performance, and easy to maintain. Therefore, it is favored by the majority of customers. Contact us now to start building business connections. We will offer you more favorable prices.

Working Principle of Honeycomb Coal Press Machine

The honeycomb coal press machine is actually the pressing type coal making machine with the simplest easy operation. And its silo capacity is large. Therefore, some manufacturers of barbecue charcoal will be more inclined to buy a honeycomb briquette machine for coal briquette production. It is powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine. Then the charcoal powder or coal powder falls on the mold plate through the feeding port and punches the briquettes by the die.

140-Model honeycomb coal press machine
140-Model honeycomb coal press machine

Structure of Honeycomb Coal Press Machine

The structure of the honeycomb briquette machine mainly includes a feeding port, punching needle, scraper, mold, and conveyor belt. Below I will introduce the functions and benefits of the feeding port, punching needle, and scraper in detail.


The feed hopper of the honeycomb briquette machine is equipped with a rotatable stirring rod. Its function is to prevent loose raw materials from blocking the feeding port and evenly feeding.

Punching needle

The falling of the coal mold plate pre-presses the pulverized coal. Then, a rapid high pressure is applied to the pulverized coal with a punch. In fact, the formed briquettes were pressed twice. Therefore, the density and hardness of the finished product are already optimal.


It is used to clean up the scattered carbon powder during the production process. The rocker arm can automatically control its work without manual operation.

Video of Honeycomb Briquette Making Machine

Specification of Coal Briquette Machine

The following are the motor and mold parameters for several common coal presses. Our factory can provide mold customization services. So you don’t have to worry about mold problems. In addition, the honeycomb coal press machine is equipped with a 2-meter conveyor belt. Its length is customizable according to customer needs.

ModelPowerMaximum diameter of charcoal

Mould of Diesel Coal Briquette Machine

Under normal circumstances, the maximum height of briquettes that this pulverized coal powder press machine can produce is 13cm. Common height is 8-10cm. It is also possible to make different shapes of compacts by changing the mold, the most popular shapes are hexagonal-shaped, round-shaped, square-shaped, honeycomb-shaped, and so on.

Features of Honeycomb Coal Press Machine

  • Simple structure and convenient operation.
  • No accessories, long service life.
  • With pre-compression, the finished product has high density.
  • Our factory provides customized service for honeycomb coal briquette press machine. For example, the mold, the size of the inlet port, the size of the outlet port, etc.
  • There are two power modes: motor and diesel.
140 coal extruder machine
140 coal extruder machine

Diesel Coal Briquette Making Machine for Sale

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Equipment Manufacturer is a famous charcoal making machine supplier in China. We provide electric briquette machine and diesel briquette machine for sale. Moreover, we have now developed a double-feed briquette machine. It can produce briquettes or coal sticks with a height of 13 cm. We also sell related equipment such as carbon powder press drying machines and honeycomb coal packing machines. Please feel free to contact us if necessary. We will provide you with the latest equipment and technical parameters.