Dry Lime Powder Briquetting Machine | Iron Dust Ball for Smelting Plant

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Dry powder briquetting machine can compress granular powder materials into briquettes of different shapes. For example, cylindrical, oval, spherical, square, etc. And it is different from the ordinary charcoal powder forming machine in that it has the characteristics of high pressure and a good molding effect. Therefore, it is mainly used for pressing powdery materials that are difficult to form. Such as coal powder; mineral powder; desulfurization gypsum; coke powder; iron filings and various metal slag molding. Moreover, the use of dry lime powder briquette machines can reduce industrial dust, control bulk density, and facilitate recovery and transportation. We specialize in making all kinds of recycling equipment. If you are interested, please contact us now.

dry powder briquettebriquetting machine for sale
dry powder briquette machine for sale

Raw materials for dry lime powder briquette machine

The sources of raw materials that can be processed by the iron powder briquetting machine include construction site waste residue, smelter waste residue, chemical plant waste, etc. For example, coal powder, aluminum powder, coal gangue, tailings, coke powder, iron oxide, magnesium chips, quicklime powder, sludge, graphite, fertilizer, etc.

dry lime powder briquetting machine raw material
dry lime powder briquetting machine raw material

Structure of iron dust ball press

Forced feed port

The feed port of the dry powder molding machine has a screw feeding device. Due to the small specific gravity of powdered raw materials. Therefore, stirring is required to prevent clogging of equipment or uneven feeding.

Pressure roller

Dry powder briquetting machine has narrow rollers and a small contact area. Therefore, the pressure on lime and metal powder, etc. is more concentrated and the pressure is higher.

Hydraulic pressure device

Its function is to control the gap between the rollers. In fact, it also indirectly acts as a pressurizer.

Dry powder lime briquetting machine mould

In order to meet customer needs, our factory provides customized service for ball press molds. Including the size, shape, pattern, text, etc. of the roller skin. There are various types of roller skins shown below (for reference).

Iron dust ball for smelting plant

Iron powder briquetting machine is a multi-purpose machine. So it can recover various metal powders. Mental powder balls can be melted to make mechanical parts or racks again. Smelters also often recycle industrial waste metal slag for reprocessing. In this way, the metal resources that the world can save every year are immeasurable.

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