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Model SL-BP290
Roller size(mm) 290*200
Spindle speed(r/min) 12-15
Power(kw) 5.5-7.5
Capacity(t/h) 1-3
Dimension(m) 1.6*1.2*1.4
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Charcoal ball press machine is a tool for producing bricks from coal powder or biomass charcoal powder. It can produce powder briquettes in various shapes, such as pillow, bread, spherical, etc. And these finished products are widely used in metallurgy, power plants, kilns, heating, catering, and other industries. Therefore, its market is very large. The output of Shuliy coal powder briquetting machine is 5-10t per hour. So, it can meet the production demand of various large-scale factories. Welcome to consult the machine price. And you will get a big discount.

charcoal machine

Raw Material of Charcoal Ball Press Machine

Charcoal ball press machines are widely used. The raw materials can be coal powder, iron powder, carbon powder, aluminum powder, gypsum, and so on. In addition, waste materials such as iron filings, slag, tailings, sludge, and kaolin may be used. The fineness of these raw materials should be less than 5mm. Raw materials of charcoal powder forming machines such as coal powder and charcoal powder need to be pretreated with a binder. (Some raw materials do not need to add adhesive, please consult for details).

raw materials of charcoal ball press machine
raw materials of charcoal ball press machine

Sturcture of Charcoal Ball Briquette Machine

The charcoal briquette forming machine mainly includes hopper, gear, press roller, conveyor belt, motor, speed controller, and other structures. Two of the gears drive two roller molds. Because the pressure rollers move towards each other, the two hemispheres can form a complete sphere.


The feed port of the charcoal ball press machine has a screw feeding device. On the one hand, it can control the feeding speed to prevent the accumulation of carbon powder or coal powder. On the other hand, it is ensured that wet materials can be continuously and evenly fed to the rollers of the forming machine.

Pressure roller

Roller skins can be designed in various styles to produce charcoal briquettes of various shapes. The material is quickly formed into a spherical carbon block through the powerful mechanical squeezing of the rollers.


The finished product falls on the conveyor belt and is sent out of the discharge port. And there is an iron screen at the outlet of the pulverized coal briquette machine. It can separate scraps and finished products. The sieved scraps are collected and used.

Coal Powder Ball Press Machine

Dry powder coal press is a kind of coal press equipment that can directly process dry powder without adding adhesive. Its production raw materials include coal powder, chimney ash, white ash, iron ore powder, lead powder, and so on. Metal pressure balls are mostly used in the smelting industry. The dry powder coal pressing equipment has 3 motors. What’s more, they can control the main engine, hydraulic system, and conveyor belt respectively. Because of the good color of the pressed balls it produces, there are many types. So there will be many customers ordering. It is a hydraulic high-pressure device with a very good forming effect.


Finished Product of Charcoal Ball Press Machine

The shape of the carbon powder briquetting machine is determined by its mold. Our factory can provide customers with pillow, spherical, bread, and other molds. Moreover, we customize mold patterns and texts for customers.

Parameters of BBQ Charcoal Ball Press Machine

In order to meet customer needs, not only the diameter and width of the pressure rollers can be customized. And its mold pattern and text can also be customized.

ModelRoller size(mm)Spindle speed(r/min)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)Dimension(m)
bbq charcoal machine for sale
bbq charcoal machine for sale

Video of Charcoal Barbecue Machine

The video below shows you the production process of the barbecue charcoal factory. And its working steps are very simple. Therefore, you can easily understand the operation process of the charcoal machine.

Roller Mineral Powder Press for Sale

Shuliy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd, specializes in manufacturing all kinds of charcoal machine production equipment. Our factory provides customers with various coal block machine molds. For example, oval, bread, pillow, column, square, spherical, etc. Our company sells wet material ball presses and dry material ball presses. Furthermore, we also sell dryers, mixers, charcoal packing machine, and so on. Contact us now to get the latest list of charcoal ball press machine.