Shisha Charcoal Machine | Charcoal Briquette Machine

Model Mechanical type
Power 7.5kw
Capacity 300kg/h
Dimension 1.7*1.5*1.2m
Pressure 25t
Weight 1500kg
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Shisha charcoal machine is the special equipment for making round and square hookah charcoal. Therefore, compared with other charcoal powder briquette machines, the shisha charcoal briquette machine has higher pressure and a better forming effect of shisha charcoal. The hookah charcoal produced by Shuliy hookah charcoal machine is hard in texture, easy to ignite, and has less ash. The burning time of each hookah charcoal is 40-60 minutes.

There are currently four types of shisha charcoal making machines available in our factory. They are mechanical shisha charcoal machine, hydraulic shisha charcoal machine, stainless steel shisha charcoal machine (fully automatic and semi-automatic), and rotary shisha charcoal machine. The first three are described below. Contact us now to start your business. And, we will offer you cheap prices.

Raw Materials for Shisha Charcoal Making

Although hookah charcoal is also made of carbon powder, its raw material requirements are higher. It generally uses bamboo charcoal, hardwood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, palm shell charcoal, olive shell charcoal, Alfalfa, etc. These carbons have the characteristics of good color and good adsorption. In addition, carbon powder needs to be mixed with an appropriate amount of binder using a charcoal dust mixer.

charcoal powder
charcoal powder

Type 1: Mechanical Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine

Its molds and conveyor belts are controlled by mechanical devices. Therefore, it is a charcoal briquette machine with the simplest structure. And, the whole process is driven by the motor. The gear drives the rocker arm to control the lifting of the mold. Then, the weights indirectly control the operation of the conveyor belt. The pressure of the mechanical shisha charcoal forming machine is 20t. The number of shisha charcoal forming at one time is 15. (This is also related to the specifications of the shisha charcoal sheet)

Coconut Charcoal Tablet Press for Sale

Parameters of Hookah Coal Maker

Mechanical type7.5kw300kg/h1.7*1.5*1.2m25t1500kg

Type 2: Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine

The hydraulic hookah charcoal making machine includes three parts: a control cabinet, hydraulic station, and main body. Therefore, it occupies a larger area than a mechanical hookah charcoal machine. But its pressure can reach 100t. And its production speed can be adjusted. Therefore, the use of one hydraulic shisha charcoal machine is equivalent to 2-3 mechanical shisha charcoal machines.

hydraulic shisha charcoal press
hydraulic shisha charcoal press

Structure of Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine

Operating table

The equipment can be started up with one key through the control cabinet. Moreover, it has three motors to control the hydraulic pump, feed mixing, and conveyor belt respectively.


Its mold has three parts: upper, middle, and lower. Because the size of hookah charcoal is mostly 2-3cm. Therefore, the mold of the hookah charcoal making machine has the same size. Moreover, we provide different types of molds, and the mold position is adjustable.

Video of hookah coal briquette machine

Parameters of Shisha Charcoal Machine

Hydraulic type15kw2.8t100tround: 42 pcs/per time,4 times/minute
square: 44 pcs/per time,4 times/minute
host: 850**2000*2100mm

Type 3: Stainless Steel Shisha Charcoal Machine

The overall material of the shisha charcoal making machine is stainless steel. Moreover, it is also an all-in-one hookah charcoal tablet press. The stainless steel hookah charcoal making machine adopts a PLC control panel. Therefore, customers can easily control production through the computer. Such as speed, pressure, voltage, etc. And its pressure can reach 100-200t. It can punch 20000-30000 pieces of hookah charcoal per minute.

hookah charcoal press machine
hookah charcoal press machine

Structure of Hookah Charcoal Making Machine

Hydraulic cylinder

The pressure is adjustable. The hydraulic cylinder is on top of the machine. And the rest of the lines are in the lower part of the machine. Therefore, the whole machine is very space-saving.


Stainless steel automatic hookah charcoal briquette machine designed with brushes. Therefore, the equipment can automatically clean the residue left on the mold to improve the production quality.

PLC control panel

It is an all-in-one one-button start for the device. Moreover, it can set production mode.

Parameters of Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine

Pressure: 80tons, 100tons

Voltage: 380V





Size of the moldsNumber of punching onceNumber of punches per minute
2cm*2cm*2cm cube903
2.5cm*2.5cm*2.5cm cube803
Diameter 3cm round723
Diameter 3.3cm round563
Diameter 4cm round423

Application of Hubbly Charcoal

Shisha charcoal briquette machines are often found in shisha charcoal production lines. In fact, shisha charcoal briquette is a popular product in Arabia and the Middle East. But now many young people also like smoking hookah very much. Therefore, we can see various hookah charcoal products on the market.