British hookah briquette factory purchased hydraulic shisha coal machines

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Because hookah is one of the favorite pastimes of many Westerners. Therefore, nargileh has a large market in Western countries. Foreign shisha briquette manufacturers also warmly consulted us about our shisha charcoal briquetting machine. These include countries such as the US, UK, Arabia, India, Singapore, and Indonesia. Below is a customer case from a hookah charcoal briquetting factory in the UK.

Factory stock
Factory stock

Why do British customers choose hydraulic hookah briquette machines?

Hookah charcoal production equipment generally has the characteristics of long life, wear resistance, and easy maintenance. The main difference between them lies in the power mode, pressure, mechanical material, etc. (please check the hookah charcoal machine for details).

Thanks to the hubbly charcoal factory invested by this British client’s newbie. The hydraulic hookah charcoal forming machine is cost-effective, and the output and forming effect meet his production needs. Therefore, buyers have no doubt chosen this hookah coal machine.

Purchase details of hookah charcoal machines for UK customers

The customer finally purchased 2 hydraulic hookah charcoal machines from our factory. Including hydraulic pumps, control cabinets, round molds, etc. Customers said they would repurchase the hookah charcoal packing machine considering it. We provide wooden boxes shipping service to customers. And the goods are shipped within the stipulated time. Below is the specific shipping list.

Shisha charcoal machine Power 15kw
Weight 2.8t
Pressure 100t
Capacity: 42 pcs/per time, 4 times/minute
Dimension 850**2000*2100mm
Delivery time7-10 days

Various uses of hubbly coal

In fact, hookah charcoal can also be used for heating, grilling, cooking, etc. in addition to igniting tobacco. It is a smokeless, odorless, fast-burning fuel. Therefore, many health-conscious people will like to use hookah charcoal to cook food.