Feedback From Libyan Customer Charcoal Briquetting Drying Room

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The invention of the drying room easily solved the problem that the charcoal briquette could not be dried due to the poor region or climate. Recently our charcoal briquette drying room sold to Libya has been delivered safely. Libyan customers also happily sent us feedback photos. What we send to our customers is a complete set of custom charcoal dryer equipment. Therefore, various accessories such as carts, trays, etc. are also included.


What are the advantages of a charcoal briquette dryer compared to traditional drying methods?

  • Wide range of application
    The equipment is suitable for various types of coal briquetting drying, mechanism charcoal drying, activated carbon, biological particles, etc.
  • Safety
    The temperature of the heat source in the traditional drying method is difficult to control. Charcoal products can easily ignite when the temperature is too high. Therefore, there is a great security risk. The new dryer adopts dehumidification and hot air circulation and temperature control system to directly avoid the safety hazard of high temperature.
  • Easy to install
    Not only is it easy to install and dismantle, but it also occupies a small area. And the installation is simple and the debugging cycle is short. And it can be installed indoors and outdoors.
  • Energy saving
    The heat source of the new box charcoal dryer can be biomass, air energy, liquefied gas, etc. And, once the temperature reaches a certain level, there is no need to heat it up.
charcoal briquette dryer machine plant
charcoal briquette dryer machine plant

What’s in a complete charcoal briquettes drying room for the Libyan client?

Dryer machine  Dimension:10*2.3*2.5m
Material: Color steel,75mm rock wool board
Use electric as a heating source. Including 10 carts and 100 trays
Trays dimension:1400*900mm
Extra Carts and trays Dimension:1400*900mm10 carts and 100 trays1 set 
Circulating hairdryerDimension:600*600mmPower:0.6kw6
Moisture exhaust fanDimension:300*300mmPower:0.38kw2
Heat pipeModel:165Galvanized pipe cooling pipe1
Electric control boxModel:1300Adopt instrument temperature control, automatic temperature control, automatic dehumidification1
Deflector ductMaterial: galvanized sheet15 m2
Warranty:12 months
Delivery time:20 days