3 SL-CG1500 wheel mills were sold to South Africa

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The wheel mill machine can improve the fineness of the raw material. Therefore, charcoal manufacturers often come to us to ask about the charcoal mixer. This article is about the case of a South African customer who purchased 3 wheel mills in our factory. I describe in detail our transaction details, customer purchase intent, and our services.

wheel mill plant in stock
wheel mill plant in stock

Why do customers buy wheel mills?

The customer has a local charcoal briquette factory. So he is a maker engaged in the production of charcoal. He asked us how to make the barbecue charcoal have long-lasting burning power. We told him to add a binder proportional to the carbon powder when using the wheel mill. Therefore, the customer is to use the charcoal dust mixer to improve the quality of the finished product.

What services does our factory provide to customers?

Firstly, our factory can sell goods to customers all over the world. In order to allow customers to obtain a good shopping experience in the process of long-distance consultation. We support free trial services for customers. In the process of the wheel milling machine transaction with the South African customer, we used carbon powder and coal powder to test the machine for the customer respectively.

Secondly, our factory has wheel mills in stock, and we can provide customers with stock. Therefore, customers do not have to spend more time waiting and urging. Thirdly, we provide wooden box shipments to ensure the safe arrival of the goods.

Transaction details of 3 SL-CG1500 wheel milling machines

Wheel grinder machine Model: SL-CG1500
Capacity:250-300kg per time, 15-20 minutes per time 
Packing methodWooden case package
Order StatusIn stock
Warranty12 months
Delivery time20-25days
Payment termsTT