Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Production Line Sent to Myanmar

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Sawdust briquetting charcoal production line is an effective way to recycle sawdust. It can directly make sawdust into a sawdust briquette. The sawdust briquette is then carbonized in a carbonizing furnace to make wood charcoal briquettes. Due to the simple principle, low cost, and good benefits of sawdust briquette charcoal production, many charcoal manufacturers will choose to invest in sawdust briquetting charcoal production lines. Recently, we are also preparing for the shipment of a Myanmar customer’s charcoal machine.

What requirements do Myanmar customers have for equipment?

We have received inquiries from Myanmar customers from the website. It can be seen from our exchanges that he is not new to the charcoal industry. So it’s easier for us to talk. Customers have a lot of wood resources in their hands. However, there will be a lot of sawdust loss during the wood processing. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a sawdust briquette machine to recycle sawdust.


Second, customers know that fumes are generated during charcoal production. Therefore, we recommend the fume extractor to our customers to purify the flue gas. Of course, carbonization equipment is essential. The customer chose the new log carbonization furnace from our factory. There is an inner tank in each furnace body, and customers can also purchase multiple inner tanks separately to facilitate production. For the rest, our factory also sells sawdust dryers, sawdust distributors and other equipment to customers.

Charcoal production line purchase list for Myanmar customers

NumberProduct NameSizeQuantity
1Belt conveyorsLength 5m, width 500mm, motor 3kw1
2U-shaped conveyorDiameter 273mm, length 5m, motor 4kw2
3Sawdust dryerDiameter 800mm, length 8m, thickness 8mm, motor 4kw, fan 5.5kw1
4Air-cooled machineFan 4kw1
5Double screw feederSize 4.8*0.6*1.9m, motor 4kw1
6Fume hood3500*700*700mm, motor 4kw1
7Mesh belt conveyor4500*800*600mm, motor 4kw1
8Sawdust briquette machineMotor 18.5kw3
9Hoisting carbonization furnace2 continuous furnaces (4 inner tanks)1
10Propeller (parts) 3