Coconut Charcoal Briquette Plant | Mineral Powder Forming Machine

The coconut charcoal briquette plant is the production line to make eco-friendly BBQ fuel. Among them, the charcoal briquetting machine is the forming equipment in the production line. It can press all kinds of powdery materials into blocks. The most common ones are, for example, coal powder molding, ore powder molding, desulfurization gypsum molding, coke powder molding, iron filings, various metal slag molding, etc. The charcoal briquetting production line has the characteristics of simple operation, low cost, and quick return. If you are interested in this project, please contact us to let us know. And, we will give you the greatest help.

Raw material of charcoal briquette production line

The raw material of the charcoal briquetting machine can be charcoal powder, coal powder, and various charge. Charge refers to the ore and other catalytic materials added to the smelting furnace. Iron ore, billets, pig iron, recycling scrap iron companies, scrap iron and steel, ore fines, coking coal, coke, and ferroalloys all belong to the charge.

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Equipment types of coconut charcoal briquette plant

The charcoal powder briquetting machine production line includes a hammer mill, storage bin, carbon powder wheel mill, distribution bin, carbon powder briquette machine, continuous mesh belt dryer, packaging machine. In addition, the intermediate conveying device is also essential. Below I will focus on the toner wheel mill, carbon powder briquetting machine, and dryer. Because they are an important factor affecting the quality of the ball.


Coconut charcoal powder mixer

Generally, the charcoal can get about 3mm of carbon powder after passing through the hammer mill. However, the higher the fineness of the carbon powder, the better the forming effect of the coconut charcoal briquette. Therefore, on the one hand, the use of a charcoal dust wheel mill can make the material more delicate and help to shape. On the other hand, after the carbon powder, binder and water are stirred by rolling, the material can fully lock the water and improve the internal viscosity of the molecule.

Charcoal press ball machine

Coconut charcoal powder forming machine is the core equipment in the whole production line. It uses the principle of relative movement of the rollers to extrude the raw materials. Also, the roll diameter and roll skin type can be customized. The formed briquette can be directly collected and dried on the conveyor belt at the lower part of the machine.

Mesh belt dryer for shaped charcoal plant

Due to the high water content of the carbon powder briquette just made, it cannot meet the requirements for use. Therefore, we recommend using a mesh belt dryer for drying. The mesh belt dryer uses a metal mesh conveyor belt to achieve all-around drying of charcoal balls. Moreover, the multi-layer mesh belt is flowed reciprocating drying to achieve 24-hour continuous operation.

Mineral powder forming machine production line

The mineral powder forming machine is a transformation on the basis of the coconut charcoal powder briquetting machine. So their basic structure and principle are the same. Also in the ore powder briquetting machine production line, the ore powder forming machine plays the role of extruding the ore powder forming. The main equipment of its production line is compound crusher, feeder, wheel mill, mineral powder forming machine, dryer.

  • The production process of the entire ore powder briquetting machine production line is that the compound crusher first crushes the ore.
  • Secondly, the mineral powder is fed into the mineral powder mixer through the feeder and mixed with the binder and water evenly.
  • Thirdly, the processed mineral powder is pressed into balls by a mineral powder briquetting machine.
  • Finally, the mineral powder balls are dried by a dryer.

Economic value of mineral powder molding machine production line

The mineral powder briquetting machine production line can realize the reuse of waste materials. Such as desulfurized gypsum in power plants, waste coal ash in coal mining yards, waste coal gangue in the coal industry, etc. These raw materials are waste products of many industries and businesses. Stacking and discarding will cause great waste and reduce the economic benefits of the enterprise.

So the use of molding machine to make balls of non-ferrous and ferrous metal ore powder quickly, directly into the furnace smelting, increase the added value. All metallurgical industry wastes and auxiliary materials need to be furnaced, and they all need a briquetting machine to complete. Therefore, it has extremely high social benefits, and realizes the growth of enterprise economic benefits through the improvement of social benefits.

Coconut charcoal briquette plant for sale

Shuliy Machinery produces all kinds of charcoal production equipment. In addition to selling carbon powder briquette production lines, we also sell charcoal machine production lines, hookah charcoal production lines, pulverized coal production lines, etc. We will provide you with suitable production line solutions to effectively ensure your production. Contact us for product-specific information.

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