Wood Shaving Machine | Log Shavings For Animal Bedding

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Wood shaving machine is a machine that is used to shave wood into thin shavings. It uses logs, solid wood boards, and branches as raw materials. Shavings can not only be used for papermaking, plant culture medium but also as animal bedding material. Such as packing filler, and the litter of horses, rabbit, dgo, chicken animal nests. Shuliy wood shaving machine for sale is of high quality, full of features, and affordable. So it is your ideal investment project. And we sincerely hope to start a long-term cooperation with you.

Raw materials for wood shaving machine

Many customers know that the wood shaving machine can make shavings from logs and branches. In fact, solid wood boards can also be used directly as raw materials for shavings. Making log shavings using peeled wood results in cleaner and more expensive shavings.

Features of wood shaving machine

Shaving tools have always been around. Although traditional shaving tools and shaving makers are tools for making log shavings. But they are still very different in terms of efficiency, safety, and shaving quality. Now the improved log shaver machine has the following characteristics:

1. Simple operation

Compared with traditional and unimproved shaving machines, this machine is simpler to operate. So it does not require the operator to have any skills in the process of using the shaving machine.

2. High-efficient

Actually, they work the same way. Both control the thickness of the shavings by adjusting the distance between the blade and the baffle. But the number of wood chipper knives can be increased. Therefore, a large number of wood shavings can be obtained quickly with a wood shaving machine.

3. Safe

The body of the flake maker has a metal cover that covers the cutting parts. Therefore, the sawdust will not splash out. Moreover, customers are very safe throughout the operation.

4. Diversity of shavings

Firstly, the thickness of the shavings can be achieved by adjusting the angle of the blade. Secondly, the size of the shaving can be achieved by installing hammers. So a variety of shavings suitable for the needs of multiple fields can be produced.

Small wood shaving machine for sale

As a well-known manufacturer in China, Shuliy Machinery receives orders from customers in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the United States, India, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and other countries. The wood shaving machine we sell has electric and diesel equipment to meet the different production conditions of customers. In addition, we also provide mobile devices suitable for agriculture and forestry and conveyors for feeding and discharging.

We provide equipment customization services. And so you can leave us a message or call to inquire about the wood shaver machine and accessories you need.

Best commercial wood shaving machine specification

SL-WS420, SL-WS600, and SL-WS800 wood chippers are our three most popular models. And in order to meet the needs of large-scale equipment, we will provide customers with conveyor belts and control cabinets If you need large-scale equipment information, please contact us now. You will get product pictures, prices, and videos.


Video of wood shavings making machine

The process of making the shavings is very decompressive. Because it does not produce a lot of dust. The following is the relevant video shot by our factory, welcome to watch it.

How much is a wood shaving machine?

Different wood paring machine manufacturers will give different prices. We can guarantee to provide you with competitive prices while ensuring high-end product quality and good service. Product prices are also affected by conditions such as transportation methods, machine specifications, and spare parts. If you want to know the specific price, please contact us immediately, and you will get the latest price list of wood shaver machines.

What is a good use for wood shavings?

The original characteristics of wood shavings make them very useful and very practical. Let’s take a look at its specific applications.

1. Packing filler

The wood shavings are soft and environmentally friendly, which is very suitable for packaging and filling fragile products. There are also filling materials such as plastic and foam on the market, but in fact, wood shavings are the most popular. It is not only economical and environmentally friendly but also damp-removing and fresh-keeping. It is very high-end.

2. Animal bedding

The most common small hamster nest has a lot of wood chips. In fact, it is very useful. Firstly, keep warm. We all know that hamsters are afraid of cold, so laying some shavings in the nest can keep them warm. Secondly, dehumidification and deodorization. The hamster will defecate everywhere and it is not easy to clean. At this time, just clean up the contaminated ones and fill in some new ones. Thirdly, safety and health. Sawdust is originally made from trees. Animals yearn for nature, and this log also reflects this.

3. Plant culture medium

We will find wood chips in the small pots. It plays a role in retaining water and improving the softness of the soil.

Benefits of Using a Wood Shaving Machine

  • Increased speed and efficiency: Wood shaving machines can produce a large volume of shavings in a short amount of time, making them efficient for those who need to process a lot of wood regularly.
  • Greater precision: Wood shaving machines are more precise than hand-held wood shavers, making them good for precise cuts or shapes.
  • Easier to use: Wood shaving machines are generally easier to use than hand-held wood shavers, making them a good choice for those new to woodworking or with little experience with hand tools.