Coal Briquettes Production Line

Brand Shuliy
Main equipment Coal composite crusher, mixer, coal briquette machine, dryer, packaging machine
Warranty One year
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Coal briquettes production line uses coal as raw material to produce briquettes, coal rods, and other finished products. The coal powder briquette has the characteristics of no pollution, long burning time, and large market demand. And the coal briquetting machine is the core equipment in the bbq coal briquette production line. Our factory provides custom mold and machine spare parts service. Please let us know your purchase intention. In addition, Shuliy will provide you with high-quality business services.

coal briquettes production line for sale
coal briquettes production line for sale

Workflow of coal briquettes production line

The first step in the operation of the coal briquettes project is to use a coal composite crusher to pulverize the lump coal into powder. Secondly, use a dual-shaft mixer to mix the coal powder and the binder evenly. The third step is to transport the mixed pulverized coal to the silo for storage. The fourth step is to transport the pulverized coal in the silo to the coal briquetting machine to make briquettes. The fifth step is to use drying equipment to dry the coal brick. Finally, pack the dried briquettes in plastic packaging.

coal briquette
coal briquette

Structure of coal briquette making plant

The coal briquettes production line is relatively simple in structure. So it requires less equipment. The raw material needed for the briquettes production line is mainly coal. Its raw material can also be charcoal. The process of using coal as raw material to produce briquette is coal crushing → mixing → feeding → briquetting → drying → packaging.

The following introduces the equipment and equipment functions that the coal briquettes production line needs to use.

coal grinder

Coal composite crusher (crushing)

It is a multifunctional crusher. So its raw materials are coal, pebbles, limestone, slag, and so on. It can quickly pulverize the coal into coal powder of about 2mm.


Double shaft mixer (mixing)

It uses a double helix blade structure. The pulverized coal, binder, and water are fully stirred in the stirring tank and then fall from the discharge port to the conveyor belt.

Charcoal powder silo (feeding)

The mixed pulverized coal is stored in a silo. There are discharge ports and valves under the silo. Therefore, the customer can manually release the raw material for the briquette production line. In short, the silo is the guarantee of continuous production.


Coal making machine (briquette)

It pre-presses the coal powder into a mold. After that, it is completed by punching the needle and re-pressing the pressing block.

shaisha charcoal drying room

Dryer (drying)

It is used to quickly dry charcoal briquettes. What’s more, we have a drying room and a mesh belt dryer. These two drying equipment are often used in the briquettes production line.


Packaging machine (packaging)

Briquettes and coal sticks can be packaged with sealing and cutting machines. It adopts a heat shrinking process, which is convenient and quick. We also have a quantitative packaging machine to choose from.

Price of coal briquettes production line

Due to the different needs of customers, their production lines are different. Therefore, the price line price of different pressing coal machines is different. We want to know the specific equipment you want to buy. Or we can provide you with a proper production line program. In short, we must solve problems according to the actual situation of our customers. Act now contact us to carry out business.

Coal making machine for sale

We produce honeycomb coal press machines, bbq charcoal machines, and coal briquetting molding machine. Therefore, they can meet the production needs of different clients, but also meet the purchase needs of different consumers. Shuliy Machinery Coal Making Machine Production Line has a variety of models. Moreover, our factory provides customers with product customization services. If you have any questions, please leave a message, and we will help you as soon as possible.