Charcoal Shredder | Coal Grinder Machine

Model SL-CC800
Wheel diameter (mm) 650
Height of cylinder (mm) 800
Spindle speed (r/min) 1350
Raw material size (mm) 50
Discharge size (mm) 0-5
Processing capacity (t/h) 5-15
Motor Power (kw) 30
Weight (t) 2.3
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Charcoal shredder and coal crushing machine often appear in the charcoal briquette production line. Their use will make the operation of the entire charcoal production line smoother. Shuliy Machinery produces all kinds of charcoal processing equipment. If you would like to know about our crusher machine, please contact us immediately. And you will obtain equipment price and parameter information.

Type 1: Charcoal shredder machine

Charcoal powder machine is also called straw crusher, corn stalk crushing machine. It is also a new type of environmental protection equipment. Because it mainly includes the structure of the feed port, hammer, blade, screen, and discharge port. Therefore, its working principle is to use a blade to chop up the raw materials first. Then it is repeatedly hammered by the hammer. Finally, qualified materials will fall through the screen.

Applications of charcoal crusher machine

The raw materials of the small charcoal shredder are extensive. It can not only crush straw, straw, wood, Chinese medicinal materials, spices, bamboo, and other raw materials. The crushed material can be used to produce various finished products. Such as sandalwood, mosquito coils, biomass fertilizer, biomass fuel, machine-made charcoal, particleboard, and other finished products. In fact, the medium used to grow oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, etc. are also these recycled waste materials.


Charcoal shredder machine parameters

Fan(kw)  7.57.51122
Dust remover(pcs)55551414
Cyclone diameter(m)111111
Capacity (t/h)0.6-0.81-1.21.2-1.51.5-33-44-5

SL-HM 60 and SL-HM70 are our bestsellers. Due to their small size and low cost. SL-HM 1300 is the most common.

Video of charcoal crusher

The video below shows the charcoal powder making machine’s ability to crush a variety of raw materials. For example, charcoal, straw, paper, logs, etc.

Type 2: Coal grinder machine

Coal crusher is referred to as a vertical composite crusher. It is also known as a stone pulverizer and compound crusher. It not only cleverly adopts the working principle of stone beating stone. Moreover, it also has two functions: fine crushing and coarse grinding. Its structure mainly includes a transmission device, main shaft, cylinder, upper cover, and base.

Its working principle is that coal first falls vertically from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating impeller. Then the materials are crushed after repeatedly hitting each other. Finally, it is discharged straight from the bottom. There is screening equipment to control to achieve the required particle size of the finished product.

Application of coal powder machine

Coal crusher is abbreviated as a compound crusher. And it is one of the common equipment in crushing production lines and sand-making production lines. Since the coal grinder crusher has no screen bars, there is no need to worry about material clogging.

Moreover, the compound pulverizer can adjust the crushing fineness. It can crush bulk materials such as dolomite, coke gemstone, lead-zinc ore, limestone, coal, and so on. Therefore, it also often appears in the fine crushing processing equipment of raw materials and clinker in cement plants. It is also especially suitable for the processing and crushing of artificial sand or asphalt such as hard limestone and dolomite.


Coal powder making machine parameters

Wheel diameter (mm)650800100012501560
Height of cylinder (mm)80085085010001410
Spindle speed (r/min)1350970740650600
Raw material size (mm)5070100100100
Discharge size (mm)0-50-50-50-50-5
Processing capacity (t/h)5-1510-3020-6030-8040-100
Motor Power (kw)305075110132
Weight (t)

Video of coal shredder machine

Sales of charcoal pulverizer

The charcoal crusher produced in our factory is also equipped with a dust removal device. As a result, dust is unavoidable during the crushing period. Therefore, the dust removal device not only improves the purity of the material. Moreover, it also purifies the working environment of workers. In addition to selling charcoal crushing machines and coal composite crushers, we also sell processing equipment such as Raymond mills and charcoal powder mixers. If necessary, please consult. We will provide you with affordable prices.