Wood Crusher Machine | Diesel Branch Shredder

Model SL-420
Capacity 300-400 kg/h
Electric Power 11kw
Feeding size 10cm
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Wood crusher machine is a machine used to process wood and turn it into wood chips or wood shavings. Wood shredding is the first step in processing waste wood. It has many markets and is an easy and profitable investment project. The wood crusher we produce is simple to operate, efficient and durable, easy to maintain, safe, and energy-saving. Shuliy Machinery ensures to provide you with high-quality equipment. We look forward to starting a business with you.

Raw material of wood crusher machine

The wood shredder or wood crusher is a device for recycling waste wood. Common raw materials include waste furniture, branches in the woods, laminates, logs, etc. The sawdust making machine can also crush bamboo, forage, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, and other fibrous rod-shaped materials. So it is also the equipment that provides the raw material for sawdust briquetting machine and charcoal production line.

Working principle of wood crusher machine

Wood crushing machine mainly includes a power unit, screen, cutter head, hammer, pulley, and spindle. Its working principle is that the power device causes the belt pulley to drive the main shaft to rotate, the wood enters from the feed port and is sliced by the cutter, and the wood chips are crushed by the rotary hammer of the hammer. According to the customer’s different requirements for the degree of crushing of wood chips, a suitable screen is placed to obtain the final product.

Log crusher parts

The cutter head is made of alloy steel. What’s more, it has the characteristics of wear resistance and easy replacement. Don’t worry about the replacement cost of the blade. Because our factory provides customers with automatic knife sharpener equipment.

The hammer is next to the discharge of the cutter head. Once the branch is chopped, the hammer directly hammers it into smaller sizes.

The screen is to control the fineness of the wood chips. The aperture size of the screen is the size of the sawdust. In addition to the conventional 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm screens, we can customize the size you want.

Electric & Diesel branch shredder for sale

Shuliy Machinery manufactures electric wood shredders and diesel wood shredders. The following are the characteristics and technical parameters of the two log shredders.

Electric log shredder

Electric wood crusher has the following advantages: 1. It is the most purchased model. 2. The motor has a simple structure and is easy to install. 3. Energy saving and high efficiency.

Electric Log Crusher Machine Parameters

ModelCapacityElectric PowerFeeding size
SL-420300-400 kg/h11kw10cm
SL-500500-600kg/h18.5 kw15cm
SL-600800-1000kg/h30 kw17cm
SL-7001200-1500kg/h37 kw20cm
SL-9002000-2500kg/h55 kw22cm
SL-12003500-4000kg/h90 kw28-30cm
Tip: 420,500,600 is the best selling model in our factory. Due to their small size and high output, customers have low investment costs and quick profits. They have been sold in many countries such as Botswana, Turkmenistan, Mauritius, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa (the Middle East + Africa), and Thailand.

Diesel log shredder

Diesel wood crusher machine has the following advantages: 1. The diesel engine is easy to use, no need to consider whether there is electricity. 2. It can drive freely in large gardens, woods, gardens, and other large venues. 3. Stable operation, not affected by voltage.

Diesel log crushing machine parameters

ModelCapacityDiesel powerFeeding size
SL-420300-400 kg/h15hp10cm
Tip: Model 420.500.600 is named after the diameter of the cutter head. The naming standards for other models are different. Large models are customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

Why choose wheeled wood crushing equipment?

Mobile tree shredders are widely used in the material preparation section of industrial production such as papermaking, particleboard, and MDF. And it is especially suitable for going up the mountain for smashing operations. Therefore, it can switch workplaces at will. Such as mountain forests, orchards, bamboo forests, large wood recycling plants and furniture recycling plants, etc.

How to deal with waste wood?

In our daily life, we can see a large amount of waste wood accumulation and wood products being scrapped, so how to deal with this waste wood? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Sawdust or wood chipper

The wood is pulverized into the sawdust of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc. by a pulverizer. Or use a wood chipper to slice up scrap wood.

2. Reprocessed product

The crushed waste wood can be used to make paper, wood composite board make furniture, etc.

3. Fule

It can burn as firewood fuel. And also sawdust or wood chips are sent to sawdust biomass briquette plants, power plants, etc. for reprocessing or fuel combustion.

4. Nutrient
Sawdust has the characteristics of softness and good air permeability. Therefore it provides nutrients for plants as a plant medium and fertilizer.

The price of sawdust making machine

The branch crusher machine produced by our company is suitable for large, medium, and small timber recycling plants. Due to the different specifications of wood crushers coming with different quantities of parts, the prices are also different. We can customize the length of the feed inlet, the type of screen, and the conveying device. If you need to know the price of wood shredders, please contact us for details.

Advantages of Shuliy wood crusher machine for sale

As your high-quality wood crusher machine supplier, our advantages are as follows:

1. Rich experience in wood recycling machine manufacturing.

2. Have a strong R&D and business team.

3. The spare parts meet the international use index.

4. Have a large number of overseas customers and a good reputation.

5. Intimate after-sales service and attentive pre-sales service and worrying in-sale service.

Contact us!

Once solving the problem of wood recycling, we first need a wood crusher machine. The crushing strength of the wood crusher is very important. This is what we have done to ensure the crushing power while also ensuring the output of wood chips. If you want high-quality equipment and services, please contact Shuliy. We will provide you with more competitive prices and look forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible.