Charcoal Briquette Dryer | Heat Pump Drying Machine

Model SL-BD 08
Drying room size 8m*2.3m*2.5m
Circulating fan 6pcs
Dehumidification fan 2pcs
Trolley 8pcs
Tray 80pcs

Charcoal briquette dryer machine is one of the necessary equipment for the coal production line. It mainly adopts the principle of hot air circulation. Therefore, it can run stably. Moreover, it can dry materials at any time regardless of the weather. So, charcoal briquetting dryers are popular equipment in many charcoal factories. The Shuliy factory sells two types of coal dryers: a trolley drying room and a multi-layer mesh belt dryer. They are all highly economical products. If you would like to invest in a dryer, please contact us today.

Raw materials for charcoal briquette dryer

The application field of charcoal briquette dryer machines is very wide. It can be used for drying materials in food processing, Chinese herbal medicine, and the coal industry. Due to its drying effect and the concept of energy-saving, the response is very good. Therefore, many charcoal factories use charcoal briquetting dryers to dry coal products. Such as charcoal powder briquette, honeycomb coal, bbq charcoal, square shisha charcoal, round hookah charcoal, etc.


What are the types of barbecue coal dryers?

Our two types of dryers: box dryers and mesh belt dryers. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

Type 1: Charcoal briquette drying room

The charcoal briquetting dryer adopts the working principle of a hot air circulation system and dehumidification system. The temperature in the drying room is detected by an intelligent temperature control induction device. Although different materials have different drying temperatures. However, customers can set the indoor temperature and drying time through the power distribution cabinet of the coal briquette dryer to achieve the best drying state. Therefore, the oven dryer is a very smart and trouble-free device.


Structure of charcoal briquette dryer machine

Its structure mainly includes heating source, induced draft fan, dehumidifier, hot air duct, control cabinet, trolley, tray, etc. It looks like a room. The customer puts the finished product on the cart and pushes it into the drying room. Moreover, its size can be customized. Generally speaking, its size is related to the number of carts. Each cart has 10 layers.

Air energy heat pump

Its appearance and working principle are similar to that of an air conditioner on-hook. So it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Control cabinet box

Customer can set temperature and time. Automation control: the use of integrated control system, man-machine interface, automatic control without personnel on duty.

Induction fan

It can continuously pump hot air into the drying chamber. Moreover, it also plays the role of gas circulation.


Parameters of charcoal briquette drying machine

ModelSL-BD 08SL-BD 010
Drying room size8m*2.3m*2.5m1m*2.3m*2.5m
Circulating fan6pcs6pcs
Dehumidification fan2pcs2pcs

Video of box dryer factory real shot

Type 2: Multi-layer mesh belt dryer

The operator needs to put the raw materials (such as briquette, barbecue charcoal, herbs, etc.) into the feeding port. The moving mesh belt then drives the coal to spread it out and enter the drying chamber for drying. The coal moves through the mesh belt dryer, and the hot air uniformly heats and dries the raw material. Moreover, customers can adjust the moisture content of the final raw material by adjusting the moving speed of the mesh belt dryer.


Structure of mesh belt drying machine

Its structure includes feed port, stainless steel conveyor belt, spreader, drying room, heat source, discharge port, induced draft fan, etc.

Stainless steel mesh belt

Its material is not easy to be damaged and has a long service life. And each conveyor mesh belt layer has an adjustable-speed motor. In this way, conveyor mesh belt conveyor can be moved evenly.


Not only can it be fed continuously. And the continuous mesh belt dryer can automatically spread the material

Parameters of continuous mesh belt dryer

Width of Belt600mm800mm1000mm1200mm1600mm2000mm2400mm3000mm
Length of Drying Section6-126-126-168-168-2210-2612-3012-40
Length of Feeding Section111111.51.52
Length of Transmitting Section111111.51.52
Drying Area3.6-36 m24.8-48 m26-80 m27.2-96 m212.8-105.6 m220-260 m228.8-360 m2

Sale of coal drying machine

Charcoal briquette dryers often appear in hookah charcoal production lines, shaped charcoal production lines and coal production lines. Moreover, the dried coal briquette can be directly packaged using a charcoal briquette packaging machine. We sell small charcoal briket drying rooms and mesh belt dryers. Their specifications are flexible and customizable. Therefore, you can tell us your specific requirements and we will provide you with the specific parameters of the machine.

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