Charcoal Briquettes Packing Machine | Flexible & Efficient

Model TH-250B
Film width Max.250mm
Bag length 65~190mm 120~280mm
Bag width 30~110mm
Product height Max.40mm
Film roll diameter Max.320Tm
Packaging speed 40-230Package/min
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Charcoal briquettes packing machine is a device used to package charcoal products into bags or containers. It typically includes a weighing system to ensure accurate portioning, as well as a sealing mechanism to close and secure the bags or containers.

Charcoal packing machine for sale from Shuliy mainly includes round hookah charcoal packaging machine, square hookah charcoal packaging machine, barbecue charcoal packaging machine, and honeycomb coal packaging machine. These four packing machines can efficiently pack charcoal according to the characteristics of its shape, weight, and storage conditions. Below I will introduce the characteristics and application of the four charcoal packing machines respectively.

Type 1: Round hookah charcoal packing machine for sale

Round hookah charcoal packaging machine is also called horizontal type packing machine. This wrapping machine is also frequently used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is controlled by an intelligent CNC panel. Therefore, customers can set the length of the packaging bag, the packaging speed, the number of packaging, etc. through the computer. Finally, the hookah charcoal sheet is automatically packaged and sealed by the packaging film.

charcoal packaging machine plant
charcoal packaging machine plant

Optional supporting equipment for charcoal packaging

Hookah charcoal dispenser has two functions. On the one hand, the shisha charcoal sheet is leveled before the material is divided. On the other hand, its tracks allow the individual products to be separated. The most common packs of shisha charcoal on the market are 10 pcs per bag. (If there is demand, our factory can customize the multi-track distributor)

Heat shrink packaging machine is a device that packs regular commodities. Adding plastic film to the outside of the product can prevent the box from scratching and also prevent moisture

Round hubbly charcoal wrapping display

Parameters of charcoal packing machine

The following are the parameters of the 3 models of pillow packaging machines.

Model TH-250B TH-250D TH-250S
Film width Max.250mm Max.250mm Max.180mm
Bag length 65~190mm
90~220mm 45 ~ 90mm
Bag width 30~110mm 30~110mm 30 ~ 80mm
Product height Max.40mm Max.55mm Max.35mmn
Film roll diameter Max.320Tm Max.320Tm Max.320Tm
Packaging speed 40-230Package/min 40-230Package/min 60-330Package/min

Type 2: Cube shisha charcoal packing machine for sale

In order to introduce the hookah charcoal packaging machine more clearly, we made a Youtube video. Below is the working video of the square hookah charcoal packaging machine. Welcome to watch, if you like, don’t forget to subscribe.

Cube hubbly charcoal wrapping display

Type 3: BBQ charcoal packing machine for sale

This kind of charcoal packaging machine is also called a quantitative packaging machine or weighing packaging machine. Therefore, we can easily understand how the machine works. Namely, by controlling the weight of the materials, the materials are packaged uniformly. The materials of quantitative packaging machines are generally bulk and block items. For example, fertilizer, grain, bbq charcoal, flour, etc.

quantitative packaging machine
quantitative packaging machine
charcoal briquette filling machine
charcoal briquette filling machine

Packaging features of bbq charcoal

Its structure mainly includes a feed inlet, gate, weighing hopper, frame, sensor, control box, conveying and packing machine, etc. On the one hand, it comes with its own packaging system. On the other hand, its packaging bags can be selected in a variety of ways. For example, kraft paper, woven bags, sacks, and cloth bags.

Type 4: BBQ coal wrapper equipment for sale

This kind of wrapper machine is called a sealing and cutting machine. Because its core technology is heat shrink packaging. So it is also called a shrink packaging machine.

coal wrapper
coal wrapper

Packaging features of honeycomb coal

In the past, the masters who sold briquettes relied on technology to load and unload briquettes. They moved a stack of briquettes at a time. And it often damages a lot of briquettes. So now we use plastic packaging technology to treat a certain number of briquettes as a unit for packaging. This is not only good for loading and unloading but also good for protecting honeycomb briquette.

Charcoal briquette packing machine | best price

We mainly sell three types of charcoal briquettes packaging machines. They are pillow packaging machine, quantitative packaging machines, and shrink packing machine. For different materials, we will recommend specific packaging machines for you. At the same time, we will also inform you of its application scope and precautions. These three charcoal briquette packaging machines often appear in the charcoal briquette production line. If you are interested, please contact us. We will provide the most sincere service.