Sawdust Briquette Machine | Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Model SL-WB50
Capacity 250-350kg per hour
Power 18.5kw/22kw
Dimension 1.7*0.7*1.4m
Weight 700kg
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Sawdust briquette machine is a kind of equipment that uses various biomass sawdust as raw material to make biomass sticks. And it does not need to add any binder during its processing. Due to the environmental-friendly and burning-resistant characteristics of machine-made charcoal, there is a large demand for it in domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, major charcoal factories rushed to buy multiple sawdust briquette machines for the processing of charcoal production lines. Contact us now for the latest market information on charcoal machines.

What Is Sawdust Briquette Machine?

Sawdust briquette machine is one of the important pieces of equipment for the charcoal machine production line. Usually, the sawdust charcoal making machine and dryer are placed in front of the charcoal machine. The purpose is to provide it with dry raw materials. The new energy-saving charcoal sawdust rod-making machine adopts the rod making technology of electromagnetic induction heating and screws pressing. As a result, it produces sawdust briquettes that are denser and harder.

sawdust briquette machine
sawdust briquette machine

Raw Material For Sawdust Briquette Machine

In fact, sawdust briquette making machine is very environmentally friendly. At the same time, it is also processing equipment with high economic value. Its raw materials are mainly sawdust pellets with a moisture content of less than 12% and a size of less than 6mm. For example, sawdust, rice husks, straw, bamboo chips, rape stalks, peanut shells, cotton stalks, etc. Other common household wastes. Such as coffee grounds, bagasse, tea seed husks, etc. (Note: Materials that do not meet the feed size need to be crushed first.)

Structure of Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

The main structure of the sawdust briquette machine includes the inlet, the outlet, the power distribution cabinet, the pulley, the motor, and so on. Its related accessories are a heating ring, screw propeller, and bearing. The overall structure of the sawdust briquette extruder is compact and beautiful in appearance.


The designed fully automatic control electric heating device can not only adjust the dry humidity of the material randomly. Moreover, it ensures the stability of discharging and forming and improves work efficiency.


The propeller part of the rod making machine adopts material processing, which increases the production time and prolongs the service life.


Sawdust rod making machine molds are diverse. Therefore, it can produce polygonal sawdust briquettes such as quadrilateral, hexagonal, etc.

Parameters of Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

Capacity250-350kg per hour

Video of Sawdust Biomass briquette Machine

sawdust briquette machine manufacturer

Features of Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

We are a specialized manufacturer of charcoal machine production line. We have rich experience in manufacturing sawdust rod making machines, carbonization furnaces, and shredders. Therefore, our sawdust briquette press machine has the following characteristics:

1. Security

The design of the metal cover of the equipment and the power distribution cabinet fully embodies the characteristics of safety.

2. Smart

There are multiple buttons on the power distribution cabinet, some for controlling temperature and some for displaying voltage. One-key start, no need to operate too much.

3. Good quality

Our factory uses metal materials that meet international standards. In other words, the biomass rod making machines we produce are all internationally certified.

4. Strong pressure

The high pressure of the sawdust briquette machine can produce high-density biomass rods. Because the density of biomass rods is higher, the burning time will be longer. So the burning effect will be better.

biomass briquette extruder plant
biomass briquette extruder plant

How to Use Screw Biomass Briquette Press Machine?

It should be emphasized here that the sawdust briquette machine must be debugged before use. Because if the wood stick machine parts are not installed properly, they will produce bad-quality wood sticks. The following are the steps for using a sawdust rod making machine:

1. Start the switch button and let the machine warm up to 380 degrees.

2. Pour sawdust into the feed inlet.

3. Observe the color and gloss of the wooden stick.

The surface of the biomass rod is smooth and brown, indicating that the sawdust rod making machine can be used directly. Otherwise, the equipment needs to be debugged.

Biomass Briquette Machine for Sale

Shuliy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of charcoal machines. We sell straw crushers, rice husk dryers, log chippers, etc. Through continuous investigation of the sawdust briquette machine market, we have made reasonable improvements to the equipment. The appearance is more concise than before. Structurally, it is easier to repair and replace parts than before. So contact us now to get the latest product price list.

Application of Sawdust Briquetting Extruder Machine

The biomass rod produced by the sawdust briquette extruder is in a hollow state. These finished products not only can be directly used for boiler combustion. It is also suitable for charcoal plants to make charcoal after processing. In short, It is currently a very popular burning material.