Ukrainian Furniture Factory Purchased a Tree Peeling Machine

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We all know that peeled wood can be used for many purposes. For example, making furniture, making paper, making stakes, making shavings, etc. Therefore, the wood peeling machine can improve the recycling value of trees. Our factory sells two kinds of wood peeling machines, they are vertical tree peeling machines and horizontal tree peeling machines. A furniture manufacturer in Ukraine purchased our vertical tree peeler. And our first collaboration was a pleasure. Hope we can work together again in the future.


Is it necessary to use a wood peeling machine?

After the trees are peeled, they are reprocessed. Therefore, the quality of different finished products is closely related to the quality of raw materials. Take paper and wood shavings for example. If the tree is not peeled and used for papermaking, the resulting paper will lack toughness and contain many impurities. Therefore, there will be no good market. Wood shavings are often used as animal bedding. Therefore, the shavings are required to be clean and soft. High-quality shavings and sawdust can be produced from debarked logs. In short, the use of a wood debarker machine is very necessary.


Transaction details of tree peelers for Ukrainian customers

A Ukrainian client is ready to start a furniture factory. Therefore, he is buying a wood peeler for the first time. Because the wood for making furniture is thick and big. Therefore, we recommend the use of a vertical tree peeler. The client is a start-up company, so the SL-WP320 is enough for his production needs. The customer took two sets of knives from us for easy replacement.

Wood peeling machine  Model: SL- WP320
Power: 7.5+2.2kw
Capacity: 10 meters per minute
Suitable wood diameter: 50- 320mm
Machine size: 2450*1400*1700mm
Weight: 1800kg 
Blades 2 sets
PackingWooden case package
Warranty:12 months
Delivery time:20- 25days
Payment terms:TT

Video of the tree debarker machine

The log debarker machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the wood recycling process. Shuliy wood peeling machine has a compact structure into a square shape. The whole frame is seamlessly welded, strong and beautiful.