Complete Set of Animal Feed Making Machines Exported to Saudi Arabia

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A Saudi Arabian animal feed factory wholesales a shipment at the Shuliy Machinery Factory. They actually bought an entire line of animal feed. Our factory provided him with all the equipment for the cattle and sheep feed-making machine. Including conveyors, material collectors, blades, motors, screens, and so on. If you have any relevant requirements for machines or accessories, please contact us in time.


What equipment does the animal feed production line mainly include?

Take the food of domestic livestock such as pigs, cattle, sheep. Their diet consists mainly of grains and forages. Feeding animals directly with these raw materials cannot meet their nutritional needs. Therefore, breeders usually pulverize and reprocess the raw materials and feed them to the animals. Therefore, the machines used in the whole production process are straw crushers machines and animal feed forming machines.

Why choose a straw grinder in the production of animal feed?

Some customers think that the sawdust making machine can replace the straw shredder. Actually, their structures are different. The straw crushing machine is also called a hammer pulverizer, so its internal structure is mainly hammer. In this way, the material obtained is more delicate and can better meet the standards of feed production.

Cargo List of Livestock Feed Maker for Saudi Arabian Customer

Since the client is a medium-sized feed mill. So it purchased several feed-making machines to meet the daily supply of local goods.

Grinder machine

Model: SL420
Power: 11kw(380V, 60hz, 3-phase) 
Capacity:  400- 500kg/h(corn,soybeans) 200-300kg/h(dry fonds)
Dimension: 1200*720*950mm
Weight: 230kg
ConveyorModel: SL219
Power: 3kw(220V,60hz,3-phase)
Length: 2m
Pellet machineModel:SL125 
Power: 4KW(220V,60HZ, 3-phase)
Capacity: 80kg per hour
Package weight:44+31 kg
Package size:850*350*520mm
Pellet machine  Model: SL210
Power: 75 kw(220V,60hz,3-phase)
Capacity: 300kg per hour
Package weight:100+65 kg
Package size:990*430*770mm