Iraqi Customer’s Wood Charcoal Briquetting Extruder Completed

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Not long ago an Iraqi client contacted us via saying he was going to make wood charcoal briquettes. Also, the client said he had a charcoal factory. But the market for charcoal briquettes is good right now. So he decided to reprocess the log charcoal into barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal for sale. I have to say, this is a very correct choice.


What types of briquette can a charcoal briquette extruder produce?

In fact, a charcoal powder briquetting machine can make many types of barbecue charcoal. For example, solid and hollow, hexagonal, square, cylindrical, etc. And different types of charcoal briquetting are determined by the mould of the coal rod machine. Therefore, customers can produce various types of charcoal briquettes just by changing different molds.


Do customers have requirements for our wood charcoal briquetting extruders?

We sent customers stock photos of machines from our factory. Since he wanted a device with a higher rack for the BBQ charcoal production line. Therefore, according to the requirements of the customer, we have heightened, thickened, and lengthened the coal rod machines he purchased in proportion. And the final finished product height is 95cm (the distance from the mold to the ground). The photo of the improved charcoal dust briquetting machine our salesman immediately feedback to the customer and he is very satisfied.

Iraqi customers have also purchased charcoal powder mixers, conveyors, charcoal powder making machines, hexagonal and square briquette molds, etc. from us.


Iraqi customer log charcoal briquette machine cargo list

 Extruder     Model: SL-140
Capacity:400-500 kg/h
Package size:1960*1350*900mm
Thickness of machines:25mm
Without cutter
NOTE: The height of the mold to the ground becomes 95cm
Mold shapehexagonal shape with 23mm *2,(two holes)
1 mold hexagon 20mm(two holes)
1 mold cube 28*28mm, middle hole size 5-6mm(one hole)

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