SL-C1400 Wooden Pallet Shredder Shipped to Australia

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Wooden pallet crusher is a kind of wood recycling equipment with a strong crushing ability. And it can directly use the shredder to shred wood and separate metals from waste wood products. For example, waste wooden pallets, waste doors and windows, waste wooden boxes, etc. It is also often the equipment of choice for charcoal production lines. An Australian client saw our video on Youtube and contacted us through the contact form on the video. In the end, he decided to buy the SL-C1400 comprehensive shredder in our factory.


Why do Australian customers choose wooden pallet shredders?

This customer contacted us to directly inquire about various details of the waste wood pallet recycling machine. It turned out that he had a wood recycling factory and needed to process all kinds of wood. The industrial shredder has a large processing capacity and can directly shred waste wooden furniture. Therefore, he thinks this crusher is a good fit for its needs.

What are the features of SL-C1400 waste wood pallet crusher?

The crushing capacity of this waste wood pallet crusher is 10-15t per hour. And its standard feed conveying is 6m, and the discharge conveying is 10m. The whole machine is controlled by a control electric cabinet. There is also a powerful iron removal device at the end of the industrial wood shredder. What we provide for our customers is metal conveyor belts, which can have a service life of 5-7 years.

1Comprehensive crusher machine      Model: SL-1400
Rotor diameter: 500mm
Input conveyor: 6m
Output conveyor: 10m
Chip length:5-10cm
Capacity: 10-15tons per hour
Main motor power: 213.5kw
Dimension: 9600*2400*3300mm 
Includes electricity control panel
Includes strong magnetic roller: The strong magnetic roller has a great magnetic force and can adsorb the metallic substances in the sawdust.
2Strong magnetic roller  Effect: The strong magnetic roller has a great magnetic force and can adsorb the metallic substances in the sawdust.1
3Wheels 1 set
4Warranty12 months