How to improve the economic value of sawdust?

April 06,2022
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Wouldn’t someone still use sawdust as biomass fuel? Come and learn other uses of wood sawdust with me, including how to make money with sawdust. In fact, it is actually very easy to increase the economic value of sawdust. Another way of thinking is to turn sawdust into other commodities with high demand and high use-value. Examples, wood pallet sawdust block, barbecue charcoal, biomass briquette, biological pellet, organic fertilizer, etc.

What are the uses of sawdust?

Sawdust is a very common material in daily life. What are the uses of sawdust you know? Since it is a wood material, many people will use sawdust for fire. However, its own calorific value is very small.

But its value is not the same when it is used to make barbecue charcoal, sawdust briquettes, and biomass wood pellets as fuel.

Due to its soft nature. It can also be used as a plant culture medium, garden path material, poultry manure cleaning material, floor oil cleaner, logistics transportation filler, etc. There are even some artists who use wood chips to make art. In fact, its most amazing value to us should be papermaking.

What equipment can increase the value of sawdust?

Some product names have nothing to do with sawdust, in fact, its raw material is sawdust. Machines that use sawdust as raw materials include sawdust making machines, sawdust dryers, wood pallet block machines, biomass carbonization machines, biomass briquette machines, biomass pellet machines, wheel mills, charcoal briquetting machines, etc.