Horizontal Carbonization Furnace | Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Type SL-HC1300
Capacity 900-1200kg/12-14h
Weight 2500kg
Size 3*1.7*2.2m
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Horizontal carbonization furnace is also called a wood charcoal making machine. It is high-volume carbonization equipment. It can efficiently manufacture wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, sawdust charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, and other products at one time.

As a carbonization machine, the selling point of the hardwood carbonization furnace is its environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics. We look forward to establishing business cooperation with you. So we hope to receive your consultation as soon as possible.

Raw Materials for Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

The hardwood carbonization furnace can carbonize raw materials such as waste branches, bamboo knots, bamboo tubes, fruit wood, oak, coconut shells, palm shells, etc. The quality of charcoal is not only related to temperature, but also to the humidity of raw materials. The humidity of the charcoal is too high, which will prolong the carbonization time on one hand. On the other hand, when the wood is pyrolyzed, a large number of harmful substances are produced. Therefore, the lower the wood humidity, the better the carbonization effect.

Working Principle of Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

In fact, the working principle of the hardwood carbonization furnace and the vertical carbonization furnace are very similar. They all use dry distillation carbonization and airflow carbonization methods. By then heating and decomposing the wood under oxygen-free or low-oxygen conditions, the wood produces wood vinegar, wood tar, and other ingredients. Moreover, the exhaust pipe of the horizontal airflow carbonization furnace can collect the flue gas in time and deposit harmful substances.

Structure of Horizontal Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Thermal insulation rock wool

The lid and body of the bamboo charcoal furnace have thermal insulating rock surfaces. Therefore, the overall sealing and thermal insulation of the carbonization furnace are very strong.

Flue gas circulation pipe

Horizontal log charcoal stoves have pipes. The pipes connecting the top and bottom of the horizontal carbonization furnace are mainly used for the circulation of combustible gas in the cylinder. This point reflects the characteristics of energy-saving. Other pipes are mainly used to filter the flue gas.


Due to the large capacity of the log carbonization furnace, the output is high. Therefore, in order to facilitate customers to ship finished products and raw materials. We will provide our customers with trolleys.

Video of Horizontal Log Carbonization Furnace

Parameters of Hardwood Charcoal Furnace

The length and diameter of the horizontal carbonization furnace produced by our factory can be customized.

SL-HC1300  900-1200kg/12-14h2500kg3*1.7*2.2m
SL-HC1500 1500-2000kg/12-14h4000kg4.5*1.9*2.3m
SL-HC1900  2500-3000kg/12-14h5500kg5*2.3*2.5m

Advantages of Hardwood Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

1. Large output. It can produce a large amount of charcoal in one performance.

2. Good airtightness. The cover of the hardwood carbonization furnace is a high-temperature rock surface with high-temperature resistance. At the same time, it plays a good sealing role and provides an oxygen-free environment.

3. Horizontal design and trolley are convenient for feeding and discharging.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving.

Precautions for Using Wood Charcoal Making Machine

1. Operators try to arrange the raw materials neatly and tightly.

2. Pay attention to temperature changes.

3. During the operation, the operator can control the gas volume through the valve.

4. Clean up the deposits of the smoke removal equipment in time.

Sale of Hardwood Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

Shuliy factory provides customers with a variety of convenient accessories. Such as carts, induced draft fans, burners, high-voltage electrostatic systems, etc. We are a professional manufacturer of charcoal machine equipment. Therefore, we can customize equipment of different sizes for customers. If you call or email us now to tell us your specific needs, we will work out a solution for you in time.

In addition to horizontal carbonization furnaces, we also sell continuous carbonization furnaces, vertical carbonization furnaces, and biomass rod making machines. Due to you may need for these devices, we suggest you browse related content on our website. We will provide you with competitive prices.

Application of Horizontal Airflow Carbonization Machine

It can be used in a charcoal production line or used alone. The bamboo charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, fruit charcoal, etc. carbonized by the horizontal carbonization furnace can be directly burned for heating.

And home barbecue can use this charcoal. Therefore, the small hardwood carbonization furnace is suitable for household use. Because charcoal is environmentally friendly and has high calorific value and is renewable, it has a large demand. So it can be seen that a carbonization furnace is a good tool for making money.