Operation Steps of Hardwood Charcoal Furnace

December 02,2021
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Hardwood charcoal furnace Includes two types: horizontal carbonization furnace and vertical carbonization furnace. Today, I will briefly introduce the horizontal carbonization furnace. In fact, it is also called a rotary carbonization furnace. Its advantages are large output. What’s more, the operation steps of hardwood charcoal furnace are simple. It is suitable for large, medium, and small scale factories. And it is also suitable for daily household use.

Hardwood charcoal furnace use process

The operating steps of the hardwood carbonization furnace are actually very simple. Next, we will take a look at its entire operating process. And hope it helps you.

1. Open the furnace door and put the materials into the furnace body.

(Note: Firstly, the materials should be placed neatly; secondly, fix the hand wheel of the furnace door)

2. Open the pipe valve behind the furnace body, and then ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber at the bottom of the furnace.

3. Generally, when the temperature on the thermometer shows 100-150 degrees, it enters the wood dehumidification stage. Because the humidity of wood is different, the temperature and time required for dehumidification are also different.

4. When the temperature rises to 350-500°C, the combustible gas in the furnace can be burned and heated. Fuel can no longer be burned at this time. Because at this time, the horizontal carbonization furnace can supply heat by itself.

5. When the combustible gas is burned out, the carbonization is completed. Then close the valve at the bottom of the furnace to start cooling.

6. After natural cooling to below 50℃, the furnace door can be opened to make charcoal.

The hardwood charring furnace works well. But you have to understand its standard operation. Because the correct way to use it can help us avoid detours. Hardwood carbonization furnace often appears in charcoal production lines. And it is at the end of the production line. Many charcoal manufacturers in order to carry out mass production at the same time. They will choose to place multiple charcoal furnaces on charcoal.