Successful Export of Shuliy Charcoal Briquette Production Line to Sudan

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Recently, Shuliy Machinery successfully exported a whole charcoal briquette production line to Sudan, an African nation. The seamless collaboration and sincere communication between Shuliy and the client led to their ultimate selection. With expedited production arrangements and continuous support, the machinery was delivered promptly. Shuliy’s engineers provided assistance with installation and operation, resulting in a highly satisfactory outcome for the client.

shippment of charcoal briquette making line
installation of charcoal machine in Sudan
installation of carbonizer machine
Shuliy charcoal machine in Sudan

Before confirming the order, both parties engaged in extensive discussions to understand the specific requirements and preferences of the client. Shuliy’s dedicated team provided detailed product information, and technical specifications, and addressed any concerns raised by the client. Through this transparent and thorough communication, the client gained confidence in Shuliy’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

After the order was confirmed, Shuliy immediately initiated the production process to ensure timely delivery. Upon the arrival of the machinery, Shuliy’s commitment to customer service became even more apparent. Their team of experienced engineers was dispatched to the client’s location to oversee the installation and provide comprehensive training on the operation of the charcoal briquette production line.

This accomplishment serves as a testament to Shuliy’s position as a leading provider of charcoal briquette production equipment. Are you looking for a reliable charcoal briquette making machine line? Welcome to contact us for more helpful details and a free price list.