How to make money from waste wood doors and windows?

February 07,2022
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A large number of wooden doors and windows removed after home renovation can be sold for a second time. But what to do if the wear and tear are serious? In fact, there are machines in the industry that specialize in recycling waste decoration wood. It is also called a wooden pallet crusher. The waste wood processed by the industrial wood shredder can be processed again.

Recycling of watse wooden doors and windows

The advantages of wooden furniture are texture, durability, and environmental protection. But it needs regular maintenance in order not to be obsolete. Once the wooden doors and windows are mildewed or deformed. Then its recycling value seems to be very small. If it is crushed into wood pellets with a wooden pallet crusher, it has more new value.

Crushing of waste windows and doors

Due to the presence of nails in doors and windows, general sawdust making machines and wood chippers cannot handle these materials directly. Wooden pallet crusher can be equipped with an iron removal device to directly process old wooden doors and windows. The magnet at the end of the discharge port can automatically remove the iron nails mixed in the wood pellets. Therefore, no special manual removal of nails is required.

Application fields of wood pellets

The fineness of the broken wood particles can reach 5cm. The size of the wood pellets is adjustable. And these wood pellets can be directly sold to paper mills, charcoal mills, steel smelters, fertilizer plants, etc. Processed wood pellets are the raw material for many finished products. Such as paper, barbecue charcoal, culture medium, sawdust, etc.