How to solve common faults of wood shaving machines?

February 07,2022
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There are many common problems encountered when using a new wood shaving machine. Below are some common problems and solutions. No need to consider these if the wood shaving machine was purchased in our factory. Because we will provide maintenance and technical guidance services.

  • The belt is easy to bite when the wood shaving machine is in use. The reason is that the rotor of the motor and the rotor of the wood pulverizer are not concentric. You can move the position of the motor left and right, or add pads under the feet of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.
  • The output of the wood shaving mill is relatively low. Reason: The blade is not sharp or the knife is not adjusted to the proper position. Solution: Remove the knife, sharpen the blade, and adjust the blade to the appropriate chip position.
  • It is difficult to feed, and the knife is difficult to cut chips. Reason: The knife is seriously worn, and the gap between the fixed knife is too large or too small. Solution: Grind the blade to ensure that the blade is sharp. Adjust the fixed knife gap to 2-3mm, and the blade angle cannot be greater than 30°.
  • The machine crashes if the feed is too fast. Reason: The feeding speed is uneven and the blade is not sharp. Solution: evenly feed the material to ensure that there is no material in the crushing bin. Sharpen the blade so that the knife can cut chips faster.
  • The bearing heats up. Reason: There is no butter in the bearing seat, the bearing seat is not flat, and the bearing is damaged. Belt is installed too tight. Solution: add butter to the bearing, balance the bearing seat, replace the bearing with a new one, and adjust the belt tension to make the equipment work normally.