What is a Sawdust Pallet Block?

February 21,2022
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Wooden pallet feet are made of sawdust, wood shavings, and other raw materials by the wood block machine. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly and widely used wood products. Other names of shaving blocks are plywood pallet foot block, sawdust square block, pallet sawdust square pier, pallet square pier, sawdust block, bakelite block, cardboard foot, pallet foot, fumigation-free wooden pallet bracket – foot pier.

What does the sawdust block machine do?

The function of the hot pressing process of the particle block is to solidify the rubber in the slab. And it is to consolidate the loose and finely broken slabs into sheets of regular thickness after pressing. If the pressing time is too short, the middle layer resin cannot be fully cured. The elastic recovery of the final product in the thickness direction. Therefore, the pressure and extrusion time of the wooden pallet block machine is very important.


Which industries are sawdust blocks used in?

Sawdust pallet blocks are widely used in wood packaging processing, logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramic building materials, hardware appliances, precision instruments, industrial and mining, steel, shipbuilding, and other industries products transportation and packaging and pallet processing. Moreover, the shaving block has the characteristics of smooth appearance, flat and beautiful appearance, firmness and durability, large bearing capacity, and no moths.