5 Ways to Recycle Wood Sawdust and Chips

May 17,2022
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Nowadays, recycling is becoming more and more important. As global warming continues to threaten us, many companies are working hard to create a greener earth. There are many different ways you can help create a cleaner, healthier environment every day, allowing your children and their children to live in a less polluted world. Most major cities have adopted recycling programs. Among them, recycling wood is another great way to help the environment and save many trees in the process.

wood recycle
wood recycle

Why do we need to recycle wood?

Since many buildings, parks, and gardens are constructed of wood, a lot of waste is lost. As we all strive to make the environment more economical and friendly, we must find ways to recycle this waste wood. The UK produces 10 million tonnes of wood for disposal each year. Only 1.5 million tonnes are currently being recycled. The rest is sent to the landfill. Landfilling organic materials such as wood results in methane emissions, which are 21 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. Recycling wood offers huge savings for the environment and a real opportunity to reduce landfills, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and increase the economic vitality of the country. 

5 ways to recycle wood sawdust and chips

  • Bedding for farms and livestock

In any case, clean fine sawdust or sawdust is used to bedding animals from guinea pigs to horses. If you don’t already have any animals, your local pet store or stable will happily collect your recyclables. However, when using it with animals, make sure it is clean and free of any harmful oxidizing agents or substances. 

  • Use sawdust as a floor cleaner

Wood chips are excellent at absorbing moisture, including substances that are difficult to remove from floors, such as oil, diesel, and other fluids associated with motor vehicles. Rather than flushing these substances away, it is easier and faster to absorb them into the sawdust and dispose of them properly. 

  • Burnable briquettes

All wood chips and sawdust is obviously combustible fuel, so they can be used to heat your home or workshop in winter. Some commercial lumber traders and lumber manufacturers will recycle their waste lumber by compressing it into small briquettes and bagging it. This process uses a compactor to pulverize and then compact the wood. This is a very cheap and very good way to tidy up your workshop while using recycled fuel. And this can be completed by charcoal briquette machines.

charcoal briquettes
  • Garden paths and winter walks

Sawdust can be used as plant mulch or to create walkways for a beautiful decoration in your garden. It’s soft and safe, and it’s also very good at preventing erosion, making it perfect for garden areas where kids play. Wood chips and sawdust can also be used on roads in winter to help when slipping on snow or ice.

  • Used as herbicide

Most people don’t know that sawdust can be as effective as a herbicide. Just sprinkle a little in paths and crevices where weeds tend to grow. As sawdust rots, it creates soil conditions in which weeds cannot grow. Especially sawdust from walnut and cedar trees will work best. Sawdust is also good at retaining moisture in the soil, which will help plants grow.


In today’s environment, it is increasingly important that we recycle as much as possible. While many people are already recycling basic products like glass, plastic, and newspapers, there are still many other items that can be recycled. Wood is a great example of another item that can be easily recycled. 

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