Incredibly Useful Briquette Machine Tips For Small Businesses

May 11,2022
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The briquette machine was invented to process agricultural and forestry waste into briquettes. The main feature of this machine is that it does not require any type of additives or binders to bond the briquettes individually, ensuring their smooth production. The machine greatly helps reduce waste and provides a good alternative to the limited amount of natural fossil fuels.

Everyone lives in the world needs fuel for his daily life. Briquettes are lumps of flammable substances prepared by extruding flammable materials. Common raw materials used in this process are sawdust, peanuts, rice bran, crop waste, peat, coconut, etc.

Sawdust Briquette Machine
Sawdust Briquette Machine

8 advantages of briquettes

1. Concentration. Briquette machines make briquettes by compressing raw materials. Therefore, they are harder, denser, and more compact. They also have a high density compared to loose biomass. Therefore, they provide concentrated energy compared to charcoal and firewood.

2. High efficiency. Another advantage of briquettes is the increased calorific value due to low moisture and high density. The briquettes produced by the briquettes machine generate relatively more heat compared to other fuels.

They have a high calorific value and a much lower ash content (2 to 10 %) than coal’s 20 to 40 %. Additionally, they are 40% more efficient and last longer than firewood.

3. Slow burn. The compression process allows the briquettes to burn longer.

4. Smoke free. The unique feature of briquette machines is that they make the briquette smokeless, i.e. they do not produce smoke, carbon footprint, or soot. Additionally, they produce little or no-fly ash, depending entirely on the raw material.

5. Affordable. Because briquettes can be quickly made from animal and plant waste, they are inexpensive to produce and therefore sold at low prices.

6. Simple to make. Commercial briquettes are now on the market. But its use is fairly common in general home heating. To do this, all you need is a bunch of combustible substances, forming agents and binders to form the briquettes.

7. Easy to obtain. Biomass briquette machines produce briquettes from the abundance of biomass materials that are available everywhere.

8. Convenient to transport. The biomass briquetting machine compresses biomass waste into briquette, reducing the volume by nearly ten times. Therefore, it makes them easy to transport instead of losing biomass waste. Depending on their density, shape and size, briquettes are the best choice for long distances. In fact, its loading and unloading rate is quite low.

sawdust briquettes

7 applications of biomass briquette

1. Home use

Many households use briquettes extensively for space, cooking, and water heating purposes.

2. Textiles

The textile industry uses high-quality briquettes for bleaching and drying.

3. Hospitality

Hospitals use briquettes for space heating, cooking applications, water heating.

4. Commercial and Institutional Catering

Commercial companies use briquettes for grilling, cooking and water heating.

5. Poultry

Poultry also uses the briquette produced by the briquetting machine to heat chicks and hatch.

6. Agricultural industry

Agricultural companies use briquettes for tea drying, tobacco curing, and oil grinding.

7. Food Processing Industry

Food processing establishments use briquettes in drying, bakeries, breweries, cafeterias and restaurants.

Useful tips for buying excellent briquette machine

  • Quality

The briquetting press provided by the manufacturer should be marked with the quality of a standard organization such as ISO. The machines to be installed in the briquetting plant should also have better quality and test marks. If you compromise on quality in order to get a cheap machine, you will have to pay for the maintenance and repair of the machine again and again.

  • Experience

The manufacturer of the press should have considerable experience in this field. That’s because the manufacturing process has changed as technology has changed. Only an experienced manufacturer can make a suitable machine using the latest equipment and technology. Experienced manufacturers also instruct and train workers with the best technology in order to keep the cost of the machine to a minimum. This is because the cost of manufacturing directly affects the selling price of any product.

  • Cost

The cost of the machine should be compared to the cost of machinery from other manufacturers. However, there may be some ups and downs in this cost, but if there are significant differences, do thorough research.

Briquette machine manufacturer

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