Stop Wasting Time And Start Your Charcoal Making Business

May 07,2022
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The charcoal making machine is a device that can process any biomass waste into machine-made charcoal. It has strong energy saving and environmental protection, and is easy to operate. Therefore, the equipment has been recognized by the majority of users in the market, and the charcoal production line is in production. Knowing more about this machine can better produce machine-made charcoal and benefit your business. So what are the characteristics and advantages of charcoal making machine? What is the working principle of this equipment? And what is the development trend of charcoal business? This article will discuss all these questions as below.

Shuliy charcoal making machine

What are the characteristics of charcoal making machine?

  1. Turn waste into treasure. Machine-made charcoal can replace natural charcoal, which not only saves wood, but also effectively protects forest resources, prevents soil erosion, adjusts ecological balance, and benefits future generations.
  2. Waste utilization. Many countries are rich in resources. According to statistics from relevant orginazation, about 10 billion tons of crop straw and other residues are used each year in China, of which only 20% are reasonably used, and the rest are disposed of on tree branches as garbage. Sawdust, rice husks, agricultural straws, etc were discarded, and hundreds of million of tons of new energy machine-made charcoal were manufactured according to 2:1 ratio of waste to charcoal.
  3. Resource regeneration. Charcoal is an indispensable raw material additive in many countries` industry, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, metallurgy, and other industries.

The production of machine-made charcoal is match the rapid development of energy saving and environmental protection, and is also the main equipment in the current charcoal market.

charcoal and coal briquette

Great benefits of charcoal making equipment

  1. Clean and hygienic. No smoke and no sparks when burning, the residual ash naturally falls and does not float up during the burning time, and the ash content is about 3% or 6% after burning, and the residual ash is less and flammable.
  2. Low water content, within 5%. Generally, charcoal has a large water content.
  3. High energy. The fixed carbon content is about 80%, the carlorific value is 7500~8000kcal/kg, and it has big density and resistance to incineration, while the fixed carbon content of general charcoal is low, and the calorific value is about 6500kcal/kg.
  4. Regular shape, easy to operate, and reasonable structure. It has the same length and size, hollow or soild structure, which is conducive to burning and use.
  5. Environmental protection. Charcoal making machine is effective and controllable in the process of producing machine-made charcoal, which can prevent vegetation damage and air pollution caused by log burning charcoal.

How does the charcoal machine carbonize logs?

As the name suggest, charcoal is directly carbonized without crushing, drying and sticking. Carbonization furnace equipment is mainly used in the process of carbonization of logs. The charcoal making machine carbonization furnace consists of an inner tank and an outer furnace. Firstly, place the new carbonization furnace on a level ground, the furnace can not be titled, the top cover is opened, and then the basket with wooden sticks is put into the furnace. The wooden sticks should be inserted into the iron basket one by one, and the sticks should be placed in a circle, the denser the better. The carbon yield of charcoal is not as high as that of machine-made charcoal. If the output of logs in one furnace in 2 tons, the finished charcoal after carbonization can reach about 0.8~ 1.2 tons. Since the different quality of logs, the output of charcoal will fluctuate.

carbonizer tanks

What is the development trend of charcoal business?

The charcoal making machine belongs to the environmental protection equipment. For the reprocessing and utilization of waste materials, environmental friendly charcoal is produced to meet the new development needs. How to make the charcoal production line more environmental friendly, we need to pay attention to this common issue.

Charcoal making equipment can not only solve the problem waste disposal and bring good profit efficiency, but also can realize energy saving and emission reduction, which has a positive effect on reducing smog.

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