How to choose a saw for making planks?

April 12,2022
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General furniture manufacturers, wood miners, and some wood craftsmen need to use log saws. And whether it’s woodworking or planking, a suitable wood cutting tool is very important. What kind of saws do you know? So how to choose a saw?


What kinds of saws are there?

With the advancement of technology, many tools have been improved for the convenience of customers. Such as manual saws, CNC saws, and fully automatic saws. Moreover, CNC and fully automatic saws are currently the best-selling models.

How should you choose a saw for planks?

The size of the general saw is also related to the ability to handle the wood.

The log diameter is 0-500mm

In this case, it is recommended that you choose a log sliding table saw. Because this saw is a foldable all-in-one machine. That is, it does not need special installation and occupies a small area.

The diameter of the wood is 500mm-1500mm

You can opt for a vertical bandsaw. This saw has two parts: the saw and the track. Its saw blade is made of good alloy material so it is more durable and easy to replace. Also, it features orbital motion and a jam-packed approach. Usually, CNC + air pressure motor can free your hands and is very practical.

The log diameter is greater than 1000mm

It is recommended that you choose a fully automatic band saw. Because it can automatically jam, cut boards and take boards. So it is a wood cutting machine that is completely hands-free. And the efficiency of processing wood is also very high.