New Charcoal Machine Production Line Sent to Japan

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The new charcoal machine equipment is a newly developed charcoal production equipment in our factory. Moreover, it was originally designed to improve production efficiency and create a safer production environment. Apparently, after the promotion of our factory, several charcoal manufacturers have contacted us. Recently, we have sent a new charcoal machine production line to Japanese customers.

Wood Chips Carbonization Furnace Line
Wood Chips Carbonization Furnace Line

What benefits will the new charcoal machine production line bring?

We all know that the most important part of the entire charcoal machine production line is the carbonization furnace part. Therefore, if the production technology of the carbonization furnace is improved, the charcoal production will be multiplied by half the effort. The improvement of the new charcoal machine is mainly aimed at the feeding of the continuous carbonization furnace, the carbonization furnace body, the operating table, the combustion chamber, the smoke purification system, and so on. Moreover, the improved charcoal machine directly increases the carbonization rate of the biomass carbonization furnace to 98% due to the characteristics of strong airtightness and uniform feeding. In other words, this kind of carbon has a high utilization rate and great value.

What equipment do we equip our Japanese customers?

We understand that customers have observed that the surrounding market has little charcoal fuel and needs to travel far to the source. But there is a lot of biomass material nearby. For example, rice husks, straw, sawdust, waste bamboo chips, etc. So he wanted to make charcoal from these raw materials.

According to the description of the customer’s raw materials, we recommend a new type of continuous carbonization furnace for him. Since Japan itself has high environmental requirements, we have equipped him with a high-pressure smoke cleaning system. Since Japan is an island country, it has many sea areas and is humid. Moreover, the humidity of his raw materials is as high as 45%. Therefore, we equipped our customers with two dryers. We shipped the equipment for the customer and took pictures to send to the customer. The final shipment arrived in Japan intact.

Recently, our big engineer also provided production line installation services in Japan. Customers want to buy charcoal packaging machines from our factory in the future and hope to cooperate with us for a long time.