Transaction Case of a Wood Chipper for Indonesian Customer

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Wood chipper is a wood processing equipment that customers at home and abroad like very much. We learned that some countries or regions have a lot of wood. If sold directly to wood processing factories or furniture factories, the price is actually very low. However, if the customer processes the wood and sells it to the corresponding processing plant, it will have greater value.

In recent years, ecological products such as biomass fuel, machine-made charcoal, and organic fertilizer have become more and more popular. Therefore, more investors are targeting wood recycling equipment. The following is a recent cooperation case between an Indonesian customer and our factory.

How did customers hear about our wood chippers?

This customer learned about the Shuliy wood chipper by browsing our website. And, he said he originally wanted to leave a message to our customer service. But since it was eager to know about the product, it contacted us directly through WhatsApp. Afterward, he lamented that he did not expect us to reply so quickly.

Details of our transactions with clients

We understand that there are many factories in the customer’s local area that need wood chips as raw materials. Such as paper mills, biomass briquetting mills, charcoal mills, etc. So the customer wants to buy a wood chipper for mass production.

What we recommend to our customers is the SL-1400 wood chipper. And it is equipped with a 4m long feed conveyor and a 12m long discharge conveyor and power distribution cabinet. This complete set of equipment can meet the customer’s output of at least 5t per hour. Moreover, fully automated production, saving manpower.

Customers are very satisfied with our recommendations. Finally, we made a deal. Moreover, he also kindly said that he would advertise our factory.