Shisha Charcoal – the Complete Guide for Your Business

October 26,2022
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There are tons of different brands, shapes, and styles of hookah charcoal on the market today, and with so many choices, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one is best for you. Today, we’re going to cover some basic hookah charcoal knowledge useful and take a look at the most common types of hookah charcoal.

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What is shisha charcoal?

Shisha charcoal or hookah charcoal is the heat source applied for heating the smoke. It is commonly believed that the most authentic shisha/hookah charcoal should be heated with charcoal. The shape of hookah charcoal is usually sheet and cube shaped. The diameter of the tablet briquettes is usually 40 or 44 mm. the size of the cubic shape of the hookah charcoal is usually 22 mm or 26 mm.

What is shisha charcoal used for?

The basic function of shisha/hookah charcoal is to be the heat source for cooking hookah to produce smoke. Once your charcoals are lit, they are placed on the foil of the hookah bowl or heat management device, and the heat they produce will cook the hookah and produce those sweet, sweet clouds.

Hookah charcoal materials

You may not have thought much about it, but the process of making bituminous coal is very important. There are also many brands of bituminous coals that use cheap fillers such as wood and sawdust to minimize production costs, and that release an unpleasant odor when burned, which changes the flavor of the soot. One way to judge the quality of the coal someone is using is to check the color when it is lit: whiter coals burn hotter and indicate cheap fillers and chemicals, while brown coals may contain only quality ingredients. Whichever coal you choose for your hookah, make sure it is made from 100% natural materials, preferably coconut husk. Coconut shell charcoal provides an odorless and tasteless burn, so you can taste the 100% hookah flavor, as well as a long and consistent burn. 

Types of shisha charcoal

There are several different types of shisha/hookah charcoal to choose from, and each style has its own pros and cons, so let’s take a look at each type and what they bring to your meeting.

Quick Lighting Charcoal – Quick lighting charcoal is what most hookah smokers started using, these charcoals look like small black discs or field hockey pucks. As the name implies, this coal will be the fastest lighting charcoal because it is coated with a chemical accelerant that allows them to be lit with a regular lighter.

However, it also means that these coals will burn very hot and very fast compared to other types of charcoal, and they will also have a stronger odor and taste that experienced hookah smokers will tell you can interfere with the taste of hookah.

Silver Buff Charcoal – Silver type coals are a subcategory of quick lighting charcoal and are somewhat of a hybrid between quick lighting coals and natural type coals. These coals usually have a square tab shape and are coated with a silver film that functions as a chemical accelerator, allowing them to be lit with an ordinary lighter.

Because these coals sit halfway between fast lighting and natural-style coals, they will produce moderate heat levels, and fans of these coals say they have a much lower odor and taste than standard fast lightweight coals.

Natural wood hookah charcoal – Another variation of natural charcoal, charcoal is usually made from lemon wood, orange wood, or bamboo.

There are no chemical boosters on natural wood coals, which means you need to heat them with a single coil heater and they burn longer and cleaner than fast lightweight coals with minimal impact on the smell of water smoke.

Coconut Hookah Charcoal – Natural coconut charcoal is made from compressed coconut shells and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, but in general the most common style will be “flat” or “cube” shaped and will not have any chemical accelerant coating, so they take longer to heat up than quick light or silver flint style coals, but once they are heated they will burn longer than quick light style coals and also have minimal odor or flavor impact on your smoking process.

Shisha charcoal shapes

Why are there so many shapes for such a simple product??? Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cube – Arguably the most common type of hookah, cubes have six flat, equal sides (like dice), which makes them super stable when burning. Cubes have a slow burn rate and can be used successfully with most hookah bowls and screen setups because they come in many different sizes.

Rectangular – A rectangular version of the rectangular shape, the flat sides of rectangles make them a more stable choice, but less versatile and prone to thermal spikes. Beware of rectangles, as many fast light coals are of this shape.

Flat plate – Similar to a cube, but more like a flat bar, flat plates do not burn as long, so are suitable for shorter hookah sessions. Flat plates are best used with foils as their shape is less suitable for heat management systems or chimney sets.

Round/Disc – Typical of Speedlight charcoal, avoid this shape at all costs unless you are sure it is made from 100% natural materials.

Hexagonal – Another stick, a mixture of hexagonal or hexagonal coals is almost always made from coconut shells. Hexagonal coal has all the advantages of a stick, but with more stability, making it a good choice.


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