10 Things to Help you Choose the Right Charcoal

October 28,2022
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If you want to have a barbecue, then maybe you’ve decided when and where you want to eat it, and what you want to eat. You may not have considered the charcoal you are going to use.

green charcoal briquette
green charcoal briquette

Here are 10 things you need to consider when choosing the right charcoal.

1. Time of year

Depending on the time of year you grill, you may find that charcoal is not readily available. While every garage, supermarket, DIY store, and corner store seems to sell charcoal in the summer, it can be difficult to find charcoal in the opposite season.

2. How often

How often you go to the grill and eat outdoors will help you determine if it’s worth using a cheap disposable grill with everything you need, or buying a portable or built-in grill that requires charcoal and other accessories.

3. In bulk or when needed

Buying charcoal in bulk makes sense if you know you want to grill as much as possible. Buying charcoal online will save you time and money, and it also means you can get it whenever and wherever you need it, whether you’re cooking and eating out in the middle of summer or the middle of winter.

4. Last minute or early

For those who do things on a whim and the kind of people who try to eat out every chance they get, then you need to make sure you always have some charcoal. You don’t want to spend all day at work looking forward to a barbecue only to find out that you don’t have charcoal and can’t find it locally.

5. Restaurant Charcoal

If you are considering using charcoal to cook pizza in your restaurant, then restaurant charcoal is highly recommended. Restaurant charcoal is larger and lasts longer than regular lump charcoal.

6. How many people

How many people you will be cooking for can help you determine how much charcoal you will need. Will you be cooking for your family on weekends, or catering for large numbers or events on a regular basis?

7. Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal briquettes may be cheaper, but are usually harder to light and produce more ash. However, they will usually burn for a long time.

8. Lumpwood Charcoal

Lumpwood charcoal is perfect for home use and comes in an easy-to-manage bag. The small parts make it easy to start and maintain your grill.

9. Suppliers

Finding a reputable charcoal supplier is well worth the effort. This means that you can grill when you need to and know that you are getting the right kind of charcoal and the best value for money. Buying online ahead of time is often the best option for many people.

10. Value for money

No matter what kind of charcoal you’re looking for, what time of year it is, or how many people you want to eat, you need to make sure you get your money’s worth. While buying locally offers convenience, buying charcoal online is usually cheaper.

Now that you know what to look for, maybe it’s time for you to buy charcoal and have your barbecue.

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