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December 02,2022
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Wooden pallets are the most commonly used frames for making heavy objects and containers to be placed on them. They are easily available anywhere. Although there are pallets made of other materials in the market, most people prefer to buy wood. They have both pros and cons but are still popular around the world as food storage and goods preservation containers. 


Pros and cons of wood pallet


Durable and sturdy

These pallets are cheap, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t strong enough to support heavy and bulky materials. They are very strong, durable, and structurally sound and can be used as containers for large quantities of goods.


Wooden pallets are cheap and inexpensive containers that are very inexpensive compared to other available pallet options, including metal and plastic because customers who want to buy pallets need low-budget containers that can be easily reused. Therefore, in this case, wooden pallets prove to be the best choice as a container.


Wooden pallets can be easily recycled without any special handling. All you need is a creative mind and you’ll find that they can be converted into many things, including flower beds, fences, and tables.

Easy to repair

Wooden pallets are easy to deal with if they are damaged. Simply hammer in small nails to repair them. No expertise is needed to repair them for further use.

Easy to obtain

One of the main reasons for the common use of these pallets is that they are easily and frequently available to customers. Customers like to buy them because they don’t waste time during the shipping process by searching for pallets made of other materials that are not usually available to them.

High surface friction

The most important advantage of a wooden pallet is its high friction with different surfaces, avoiding the possibility of slippage of the contained material.


Wooden pallets are not without their drawbacks and they can lead to different problems for those who use them. Issues raised including:  

Difficult to clean

The surface of a wooden pallet is difficult to clean because it is rough and dirt and stains can enter the rough surface, making it difficult to remove.

Highly susceptible to bacterial growth

Wooden trays have been shown to be suitable for bacterial growth. This makes their use in purposes containing food highly questionable. According to research, these pallets are home to bacteria known as E. coli and Salmonella. These bacteria can pose significant health risks to many people who use the food contained in these trays. 

Fungus can develop

Wooden pallets are prone to fungal development if they are kept wet for a long time. Therefore, they should be kept dry to prolong their service life. 

Why we should recycle wood pallets?

Today, there are nearly 2 billion wooden pallets floating around the United States, used to transport many different kinds of products. The average lifespan of a pallet is four years, but it can be used hundreds of times. One of the problems, however, is getting them reused and recycled. If you look at any type of business on most loading docks, you will probably see piles of unused and unwanted pallets.

This is not a problem, it’s more of an opportunity for people who care about the environment and can be a bit entrepreneurial. A drive around town may reveal dozens of unwanted pallets that are just waiting to be picked up. The places themselves may consider them trash and be tempted to throw them away. Now you know better, there is a big business in finding, repairing, recycling, and reusing wooden pallets. 

wood pallet block machine
wood pallet block machine

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